Creating the Garden Of Your Dream

We spend so much time getting our homes just right. Looking at colour charts and paint samples, choosing the right accessories, carpets and tiles. Then making sure all of the furniture is in the perfect position. Yet, we ignore our gardens completely most of the time.

This is unfortunate as your garden is incredibly important. It’s your safe outdoor space where you can relax and unwind, entertain or play with the kids. Having a dream garden will encourage you to spend much more time outdoors. This is good for your physical and mental health, can be a great way to get more exercise and fresh air, helps you to connect with nature and you’ll even get more sleep if you start spending more time outside. Here are some top tips for creating the garden of your dreams.


Before starting any home renovations or improvements, you need to set a budget. If you don’t, you’ll soon get carried away and spend much more than you can afford. Sit down and work out what you can afford and how much you want to spend. You may need to be strict with yourself, but you’ll never be able to enjoy your garden if you know that you have overspent.

Add Cover

If you want to make the most of your garden you may want to think about including a covered area. This means you can get out there whatever the weather. It’s a good idea to have your cover over a decked dining area so that you can eat outside all year around and any Lavita Furniture and equipment is protected from the weather.

Create Zones

Creating zones is an excellent way to ensure your garden can be used in a variety of ways. You may want a kid’s zone if you’ve got them. To keep their toys and games separate. Include plenty of bright colours and some smaller seating here.

Next, a grownup and sophisticated dining area, complete with comfortable seating, light and heat sources. The perfect place to entertain guests.

If you are green fingered you may want a growing zone. Where you can produce your own vegetables. You will also want a relaxing space. Filled with gorgeous scented plants and comfortable seating. Somewhere you can sit in the sunshine or enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

Think about what you will use your garden for and create the zones you need. You could separate them with colourful flower beds or pathways, depending on your space.
Think of Maintenance

Are you someone that loves to spend time out in the garden, watering, trimming and generally looking after things? Or, do you just want it to look good all the time with minimal effort on your part? Are you someone always on the look out for hacks to make housework easier? Be honest with yourself here and make sure everything you plant reflects your decision.

Just like your home d├ęcor, you should reflect your personality in your choices. Make sure your outdoor space suits you and your needs. Remember, it’s your dream garden, no one else’s.

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