Decorating Your First Home: Everything You Need To Know

When you purchase your first home with the one you love, it is the most gratifying and amazing feeling in the world. And although it can be a long, stressful road to finally moving into your humble abode, the second you walk in you feel an air of calm and contentment. There’s nothing quite like owning your home. It makes you feel completely independent and can introduce you to a whole new way of living your life.
However much you love your home when you move in, there will undoubtedly be certain things which you want to change and replace in order to truly put your own stamp onto the property. This could involve ripping down old wallpaper, replacing kitchen units or even going the whole hog a redecorating the whole house.

Before you dive right into changing everything in your home, you need to make sure that you write down EXACTLY what you want for each room. This way, you will be able to map out the space, plan for furniture and price up all the new things you want to include. This will allow you to then go away and make a budget for your improvements. If you realise that you can’t quite afford to do everything you would like, you can make the decision to change a few things for the time being or wait until you have the sufficient funds. It will at least give you a goal to work towards and the direction for the project.

When you finally decide to begin your big project, you will want to make sure you have the time and space to complete the work. You may need to book a day or two off work for the project to make sure you can complete it without hindering your lifestyle. And then to make the space you require, you may have to invest in a storage facility such as this to keep all of your belongings and furniture safe from paint and dust.
If you are planning to fork out on all new furniture and accessories for your home, then why not utilise sites such as GumTree and eBay. You can sell off your old furniture instead of having to give it away- and you might even bag yourself a bargain on some beautiful second-hand furniture for your home. It is a great idea to save you some money while still getting a quality product.

Once you’ve painted the walls, added new wallpaper, upgraded the floors and skimmed the ceilings- you can begin to move everything back into the space. It will be helpful if you have a sketch of the room handy so that you know where everything is going to go. Once you’ve placed everything in, you can focus on adding those all-important finishing touches. A houseplant in the corner of the room will set everything off beautifully; and hanging some pictures of you and your family around the house will finish off the design with your personal stamp.

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