Home Hacks: Three Shortcuts To Cut Down on Cleaning Time

Some people find cleaning strangely therapeutic, and sometimes these is a certain satisfaction in transforming a messy and dirty space into one that looks clean and fresh. But for the most part, cleaning is a chore. Especially when you’re the one that does most of the cleaning in the house, perhaps looking after a family- it can feel never-ending. For this reason, it makes sense to make your home as easy to clean and maintain as possible, so you can get it done and spend your precious time doing other things instead. Here are a few shortcuts you could take.

Replace Carpets With Tiles or Wooden Floors
Carpets are great, soft and cozy underfoot and give a fantastic homely feel. But when you have a busy home- lots of guests, children, and pets it’s always going to be better to go with easy to clean flooring. Many homes create a no shoes in the house rule, but when you have workmen or other professionals in the house to do jobs at any point, it might be awkward or not appropriate to ask. Food and drink spills, pet accidents, bodily fluids from kids, it all happens in family life so you’re best going with a floor covering that you can easily clean and disinfect.  Hardwearing surfaces like wood, stone, tile or vinyl are much easier to clean and don’t hold onto any stains or smells. You can always put down rugs to cozy up the space, these can be washed or replaced far more easily than an entire carpet.

Do a Seasonal Clean
There are some jobs that don’t need doing every time you clean the house. But they do need doing eventually, so for this reason it’s worth having a deep clean every season. You could rent a carpet cleaner and clean your carpets and rugs. You could pull out large items of furniture and vacuum behind, or dismantle chandeliers and light fittings so you can clean them. If you hire a company like Central Home Services air duct cleaning, you keep your home feeling fresh. Those with allergies or other issues will be able to breathe much more easily without pollen and other build ups filtering through to the home.

Go Minimal
Dust is an ongoing and irritating battle at home. It doesn’t take long for it to reappear once you’ve dusted and has to be done regularly to keep it under control. So to make things easier for yourself, it’s best to keep clutter and things like knick-knacks and ornaments to a minimum. If you have lots of items on display, a display cabinet with a glass door will prevent you from having to polish lots of items every day. Keep surfaces as minimal as possible, go with a frame and a plant rather than lots of smaller things. These are easy to remove and allow you to run a duster around with much less hassle.

Do you have any shortcuts which make cleaning the home easier?

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