How Can I Adapt My Home To Suit My Growing Family?

Do you love your home, but finding it increasingly unsuitable for your growing family? If you’re in a good area close to the schools, facilities and transport links that you want you might be dubious about selling and moving elsewhere. But thankfully, there are ways you can make it work and adapt your home so that it accommodates your growing family. Whether you’ve added some more children, taken on an elderly relative to care for or even got more pets- here are some options.

The most obvious way you can adapt your home to accommodate a growing family is by making your home bigger. Providing you have enough outside space and can get planning permission, extending outwards with a double story extension can make your living spaces bigger as well as allow for an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Another option you have is to extend into the loft or down into the basement. Having conversions done means you gain an extra room, which might be all you need to make your living arrangements more suitable. Either way, creating an extra room or two is an obvious solution, plus you will add value onto your home in most cases.

Make The Most of The Space
Instead of doing a full renovation and creating an extra room, why not make the most of the space you do have? For example, having an ensuite bathroom installed in the master bedroom or transforming the space under the stairs into an extra toilet with a sink can certainly make life easier. You could rejig the space you have, perhaps moving walls around to create an extra bedroom or to create a larger feeling open plan living and kitchen room. You could have built in wardrobes installed from a company like which make the most of the room from floor to ceiling. They can also be built around funny shaped rooms to maximise the space, and could be the end to your family storage problems.

Consider a ‘Garden Room’
If you’re not looking to extend your home, why not consider a ‘garden room’? These are freestanding structures that are fully insulated and are hooked up to electricity, giving you a fully functional room outside the home. The benefits are that they usually don’t need planning permission and they go up far faster than regular extensions. According to hese kinds of things make ideal guest bedrooms, teenage hangouts, hobby rooms or play rooms for kids. If you feel like you’re all living on top of each other and need that extra bit of space to make things easier this could be your ideal solution.

Decorate and Declutter
Finally, without making any renovations or real changes to the home, you can make a huge difference just by decluttering. Get rid of anything your family has outgrown and no longer uses. Free up precious space for the things you do need and love. Tiny children’s bedrooms for example are always going to look even smaller when they’re cluttered with toys and things they don’t need. Painting a room in a light neutral colour will make it appear bigger and more spacious too.

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