How To Add Some Sparkle To Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important (but often one of the most underrated rooms) in our home. It can make a huge difference to how we feel about our house. If we are thinking about moving house because we are starting to hate our home, then we should look at the key areas of our house and think about overhauling them. The bathroom is probably one of the areas in our home that requires an update. It also one of the rooms that probably suffers the most wear and tear.. However, reviving our bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive. We can all add some sparkle to our bathroom and we can do this on a budget too.

Add A Mirror

Bathrooms can often feel small and dark. Adding a mirror to a bathroom will make it feel brighter and larger. You can find a great range of bathroom mirrors online that will suit a variety of budgets.  

Paint The Walls

Painting the walls in your bathroom can lift and refresh the room.. If you have a white tub and sink, then you might want to consider painting your walls in a deep, dark colour to act as a contrast. However, if you use your bathroom to put your makeup on, then you probably don’t want to be painting your bathroom in a dark colour. Instead choose a light colour that is flattering to your skin tone. The best colours for this are peach and pink tones. You could also keep your walls a natural colour and add impact with your accessories. Use your towels and bathroom blinds to add some pops of color.  

Change Your Tiles

A new bathroom tile can do wonders for your bathroom. It is often the bathroom tiles that makes a bathroom feel old and tired. The bathroom tiles can often look dated and the grout becomes stained. Replacing your tiles is relatively easy thing to do and it doesn’t need to be expensive either. It is also a job that you can do yourself over the weekend.

New Accessories

Add some new towels, replace your toothbrush holder, look for a new bowel for your soap, get a new shower curtain and add some plants. All very cheap to do but can really help your bathroom feel like new.


If you don’t use it on a daily basis then you don’t need it out in your bathroom. You want to keep your bathroom as clutter free as possible. Therefore, you should be putting away any medicine, razors and shaving foam away in your bathroom cabinet.

Have A Focal Point

Add some character to your bathroom with a focal point. This could be with how you have dressed your bathroom window. Perhaps you could add some plantation shutters which will add elegance to any room, or for the more budget conscious you could add a small ornament or sculpture to your bathroom. You could even add some artwork to one wall. You want to create a room that feels like a place you would be happy to retreat to.

The bathroom in our home is a very important room but it is often a very neglected room. These simple tips will help you add some sparkle to your bathroom and as a result it will  become a room that you love.


  1. Honeycomb blinds are a formation of two or three-layered cell which forms as an air pocket to sustain the temperature inside the room and what is opposite of outside climate. Mostly suited for the house and apartments.

  2. Vision blinds is a great alternative to the classic Venetian blind or roller, which combines the perfect balance of privacy and light control with the trend in fashion, striking bold stripes and color blocking.


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