Invaluable Life Skills That Every Child Should Learn As Soon As Possible

As soon as our little ones enter our lives, their health, happiness, safety and general well being become our absolute priority. While we may be able to keep an eye on them for the most part of the time, there may come some unfortunate situations where our attention slips for a moment, or we are somehow debilitated, and these are tragically the times when most accidents or injuries can occur. But not to worry too much. There are certain life skills that we can teach our children from an early age that could prove invaluable should an emergency situation arise. Here are a few to bear in mind and instill into them as soon as possible.


Swimming and Water Safety

Kids need constant supervision when in or around water, but if for some reason they happen to come into contact while you don’t have an eye on them, they’ll have a much greater chance of getting out of the incident unharmed if they are able to swim and have a grasp of basic water safety information. What’s more? Pools and the sea can become a fun source of exercise and other activities once they are competent and confident in the water. There are swimming lessons for both adults and kids that will endow you and your little one with the ability to carry out basic strokes, float, and have the strength and ability to get to the edge of a body of water if needs be. Whether you can already swim or just want to brush back up on your basic skills, it’s a good idea for you to join your child in their swimming lessons. First, this will make them feel more comfortable in the experience. It can also become a fun and regular bonding session that you can both look forward to while endowing yourselves with indispensable life skills.


Emergency Protocol

You can never completely guarantee your own health or wellbeing, no matter how healthy you are. Unfortunately, occasions may arise where you become debilitated or unconscious while you are the only adult present. While this is hopefully a situation that never arises, you need to ensure that your children are prepared for it and know what to do. First, you need to teach your child how to contact the emergency services. Ensure that they know the correct dialing code and how to ask for different services. You should also make sure that they know your home address should it be requested. A second situation? Fire. You need to make sure your children know that if they discover a fire anywhere, they must again call for help; from both you and emergency services. Have an evacuation plan ready in your home, with simple routes to the nearest exits so that they know where to head in times of danger.

These life skills may seem inherent once you’re an adult, but you need to remember that you are only familiar with this kind of information because you were taught once too. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your children have the independence and knowledge to be able to help themselves if you are not there or are unable to help them on their behalf. Who knows, this could even save a life!

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