Minimise Your Waste With An Environmentally Friendly Scrap Scheme

You may well have seen the latest viral video documenting one woman and how her total waste from the past four years can fit easily within a single mason jar. Impressive, right? Now, this is an extreme and an admirable effort from someone who is completely invested in minimising waste. But there are certain things that the average person can do in their day to day life that will vastly reduce the amount of waste that they produce and the quantity of this waste that is sent to landfill. We cannot go on living producing the amount of trash that we currently do: it’s already taking its toll on the planet. The oceans are awash with plastic refuse, wildlife is becoming entangled in our litter, and numerous natural habitats are being destroyed to satiate our demand for new goods when we have perfectly fine ones already at hand. So, it’s time to start making some changes. Here are a few simple ways to minimise your waste and protect the world that we live in.


Understand How to Dispose of Your Waste Properly

It’s a tragedy that so many people simply toss all of their trash in one refuse sack, and that’s the end of that. While this is definitely preferential to littering or fly-tipping, there are better ways to dispose of things that you no longer have any need for. It’s so important that people start to learn how to dispose of their waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Let’s start with organic waste. This can easily be composted and put to good use as fertiliser. Next, recycling. A list of recyclable materials is available here. Check it out and follow its advice, dividing your trash into relevant bins and opting to see it continue its journey and be reused. There is some waste that you can’t recycle or reuse, however. This should be disposed of as responsibly as possible. For large amounts, remember to do your research to find the cheapest skip bin hire company possible.


Use Sustainable Materials

Plastic does not biodegrade and the plastic item that you threw in the trash just this week is likely to be knocking around for many years after you’re gone. So, it’s time to start ditching the plastic and other non-renewable, non-biodegradable materials in favour of sustainable alternatives wherever possible. A perfect example? Drinking straws. Think how many drinking straws the average person must use when dining out or drinking in bars over one year. Now multiply this by all of the people who eat out or drink at bars over a year. That’s a whole lot of straws and guess what? Even though you use them once and then throw them aside, they’re not going anywhere fast. The good news is that there are alternatives made from sustainable materials out there and widely available for a relatively low price. Consider investing in some bamboo drinking straws. Bamboo grows extremely quickly, doesn’t have to be treated as vigilantly as other materials (after all, it’s natural), and can be reused time and time again.

Remember, no matter how small your contribution to the minimisation of waste, it is much better than doing nothing at all. Even the most minute changes can make a big difference. So get started today! You’ll find that it’s much easier than you think.

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