What Floor Should Go Where in Your House?

Reflooring your home can be a fun, or difficult time. Maybe you want to increase the value of your home, change the decor, or just fancy having a different style, here are some things you should know. Different floors can suit different places in your home, and have different functions depending on where they are and what they are going to be used for. Each of them work in different ways, so before you impulsively decide you want a certain type, read up on what each kind of flooring can do for you and your home.

Different floors have so many different kinds of uses. Source.

Hardwood Flooring

This can can be made from various types of trees and is very popular option for any people. This particular kind of flooring is very durable and long lasting, so if you want to  make a long term investment this could be the flooring for you. But there are some things to consider. His kind of flooring can shrink or expand over time, due to it being a natural product. Think twice before having it in areas of your house that has a lot of moisture, as this type of flooring can shrink or expand. Hardwood can also acquire a darker tone after a long period of time, so if you are purchasing it to work with a certain colour scheme, keep this in mind.

Laminate Flooring

If you have children running around and causing havoc, this might be a good choice. It is one of the most affordable options of flooring, and is quick and easy to install if you are pressed for time. People choose laminate flooring in places that have a lot of mud or moisture, because as it is a synthetic material, it won’t absorb anything and will resist soaking up the water. The downsides of laminate flooring is that it can obtain scratches or significant stains quite easily. This might not be the best flooring to impress at dinner parties, but it is certainly a practical for many homes and families.

Some Other Interesting Types of Flooring to Consider

Some people have very specific requirements for their flooring and cork flooring could meet some of these requirements, if you have some in mind. Cork flooring is very comfortable if you intend to stand or use your flooring a lot while being barefoot. This could work well for play areas or even for your business if people are standing for long periods of time. Bamboo is also another interesting flooring, and one that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a very environmentally friendly option due to its fast growth, and has unique tones too if you're looking for stylish home design. The company www.empirefloors.com.au explain a bit more about bamboo floors here.

Hopefully you've leant a bit more about flooring, and what would suit your home. The type of material you working with is very important, and can make all the difference when putting floor down in your home.

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