Why Your Home's Design Isn't "Personal"

Don’t misinterpret this title. Professional interior designers know what they’re talking about when it comes to making a home look pretty. That being said, even the best interior designer in the world can’t do a perfect job if they don’t know the personality, interests, and complexities of the individual for whom they’re designing the home. The reason as to why your home’s design isn’t “personal” is because you’ve not put enough of a stamp on it. But if you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong with your house’s aesthetic then here are a few possible suggestions.

There’s too much clutter.
You might disagree with that one. All that clutter is what makes your home personal, surely? You’ve collected possessions over the years that you and your family love. These things say something about your interests, hobbies, and history. That means you should be able to keep them all, right? Some of these possessions may hold sentimental value or say something about your personality and there’s no doubt about that; those souvenirs from a particular vacation, that wedding gift from a dear family member, or perhaps a coffee table that you adore. However, if your house is too cluttered then you have to face the fact that you probably don’t need or even want half of the things you own.

Ironically, the more cluttered your home is, the less personal and comfortable it will feel. If you’re avoiding certain rooms in your house because they’re messy then how can this really be “your home”? You should feel relaxed and cozy in your own home, even if that means owning fewer things. There’s more to your home’s character than the sum of its many possessions. Sometimes, less really is more. Start sorting out your possessions into boxes of things you’re going to keep, throw away, or sell (you could make some money for other renovation projects). Once you cut down your belongings to the possessions you actually want to keep, your house will actually feel like your own again.

It’s more show home than your own home.
As mentioned in the introduction, contemporary and sleek designs are crucial to keeping a house’s interior looking aesthetically pleasing, you might feel as if there’s something missing from your humble abode if you get somebody else to design the place from top to bottom. Everything will be sparkling and shiny but it won’t feel like your home. That’s why it’s so important to take control of your home’s design so as to put your own stamp on the property and come to terms with the fact that this house belongs to you.

Start thinking outside the box in terms of how you could make this house unique; fill it with “one-of-a-kind” possessions. You could look into a good cabinet maker to get custom cabinets made for your kitchen to meet your specifications and requests. You could make your own shelving units for rooms in the house. If you’re really not much of a DIY expert but you are creative then you could make some custom artwork to hang up. Find a way to design something by yourself or get someone creative in the family to do it.

The garden has been neglected.
It isn’t just your home’s interior that makes your house your own; your garden has a part to play too. There’s a lot more you can do than simply mowing the lawn and general maintaining it. This outdoor space is part of your home too and if you can really personalize it then you might want to spend more time out there. Create a cozy patio area with comfortable seating, a sheltered area, and perhaps even an entertainment area for a TV so that you can watch outdoor films on warm summer evenings. Find a way to personalize the garden.

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