7 Ways Mums Can Make Extra Money for Christmas 

How quick has 2017 passed?! Christmas is just around the corner, and that means family, friends and a well-deserved glass of champagne. However, this time year also means spending money. Gifts, food, holidays and so much more all come to mind. How do we manage each year? Now, with the help of the internet, we can be a little more prepared financially. 7 ways mums can make extra money for Christmas.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a perfect job for a busy mum. How do you become a virtual assistant? Sites like Upwork and Freelancer or Gumtree Jobs for freelance work  offer users the ability to do a range of work online. It could be anything from a virtual assistant to a developer to blog writer.  People are always looking to outsource some kind of work. The best part aspect of being a virtual assistant, the flexibility.  Work usually includes sending emails, setting up appointments and meetings and editing word documents. All these tasks can be done at any time and from anywhere.

2. Make a new friend (and get paid)

Can you think of anything better than being paid to look after a cute dog? You can now earn money for pet sitting. Yes, we are serious. Animal lovers want the best for their pets, that’s why they find them pet sitters.

Madpaws is an online platform that puts pet owner and pet sitter together. The owner gets a pet sitter, and the sitter makes some extra cash. You simply sign up, add a photo and make a profile. Your profile will let pet owner know about you, your love for animals and your experience with animals. People will select you if you meet the standards of their precious cat or dog. You can look after the cuddly dog at your place or theirs, how good! How much can I earn? That is up to you!

3. Parking spaces?

With more cars on the road, fewer parks are available to motorists. Well, drivers no longer need to drive around looking for a park. Additionally, drivers no longer need to pay vast amounts of money for private parking. How? Thanks to you! Now you can list your parking space online and make money. Off-street, undercover, lock up garage, remote access, an indoor lot, whatever type of park you have, you can list it.

If you have free car space, start making some money! Listing a space with sites like Parkhound is free. You could be making up to $3000 a year from your parking space. Great money to have come Christmas time. The best part, you don’t have to do anything!

4. Share your wardrobe

If I told you the dress that’s been sitting in your wardrobe for months could make you money, would you believe me? How many times have you purchased a dress and only worn it once? There is now a way to make money from your clothes. The Volte is a platform that allows you to borrow and lend designer fashion.  Instead of lending your dress to a friend, let somebody else pay to use it!

Take some photos of your clothing item, leave an excellent description and wait for the requests to come in. Don’t stress; each borrower has a profile and rating so you can make sure they will take care of your stuff. Also, the door to door delivery service makes things super easy.

5. Rent out space

Got some spare room in your garage or basement? Use it to make some money! If you have a space in your house that can be used for storage, you can make money. Spacer is a platform that offers people cheap storage solutions. How? It makes the most of the unused space in other people’s homes.  You can make money and help others save at the same time!

Like the other tips on this list, this option is free and easy. Take some photos of your storage space, set a price and choose what goes in there. It could be a pile of boxes, a car or some sports equipment; you have the final say. This could be an ongoing money maker or just a short stint.

With these money-making tips, there will be no stress come Christmas. The earlier you start, the more money you will make!

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