Creating A Durable (Kid-Proof) Home

Family homes are so easy to spot. They’ve got all the tell-tale signs of kids as soon as you start to walk up the path to the front door. The chalk stains on the driveway, the scooters lying on the porch, and the big dent in the front door give you away. Kids are pretty destructive. No matter how hard we moms try, there is no perfect show-home room anywhere in the house. It takes all of our time and effort just trying to keep it hygienic!

Children are creative, imaginative, full of energy, and amazing fun to live with. But if you’re house proud, you’re in for a shock when you start a family. It starts with the dribbling and sticky fingers from toddler-hood. Then, as they get bigger, the toys that crash and bash will leave scuff marks and dents in your plaster, your furniture and your doors. Every one of those will become a wonderful reminder of ‘innocent’ childhood fun over the years. Right now? You need a tough and durable design for your home interior.


The floor coverings are easy to stain, mark, damage, and make dirty. Cleaning floors is one of those endless tasks for moms. If you love the idea of feng shui and balance in design, then you’re in luck. The trusty rug is the perfect choice for the stylish living room. It can be swapped out when it’s damaged and covers up everything underneath. Small or large, you might find it confines play to its outer edges too!


That beautiful wood grain you fell in love with at the store is now porous, covered in paint stains, and features cutlery indentations that resemble space invaders. Wood is delicate and soft when under attack from a five-year-old. The concrete dining table, however, is built to withstand the punishment kids are determined to dole out. It’s usually heavier and sturdier, so it won’t be pushed around the room. And it offers your dining space a contemporary style.


If you’re sick of driving over to the emergency room every time one of the kids bounces themselves off the bed, then it’s time to change the mattress! Sprung mattresses are a children’s delight. They bounce like trampolines, and the challenge is to reach the ceiling. A gel-based memory foam has almost zero bounce. They might try to swing the light shade, but they’ll soon get bored and give up. Best of all, this high-quality mattress will help you achieve a better posture as you sleep.

Leather Sofa

Leather is easy to keep hygienic. It wipes clean and is durable enough for a quick spray of anti-bac. Add a fabric throw, and you’ve got another few years of life in it. Cover it up with something you can throw in the laundry when it needs it. Best of all, you can swap it out for different colors as your palette changes through the seasons. How do you kid-proof your decor?

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