Doing Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

‘It wasn’t like that back in my day, we just got a stocking with a lump of coal and an orange if we were lucky.’ We’ve all heard that from an elderly relative at Christmas time before. Sometimes I wish it were still like that. These days it’s all ridiculously expensive toys and it sometimes feels like it’s a competition to see who can spend the most. Your kids will tell you that they absolutely can’t live without the latest fad toy, which just happens to cost hundreds of dollars. The amount that people spend on Christmas presents is going up every years, and that’s before you’ve even thought about all of the food and drink. The price adds up fast and you often find yourself starting the new year in a bunch of debt. But you can avoid it if you start saving up some extra money in the lead up to the holiday season, here’s how you can do it.

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Reduce Your Bills

One of the biggest expenses in the household is your energy bills, so it makes sense that you should try to reduce them if you want to save some cash. Filling the house with energy-efficient products can save you so much more money than you realize. Everybody knows that a ceiling fan is great for cooling you down during winter but not a lot of people know that most fans spin both ways and if you reverse it they can actually heat the home up as well. Putting thicker curtains in will also help you to keep that heat in so you won’t need to have the central heating going for as long. LED light bulbs are another quick switch you can make which will save you hundreds of dollars a year. Now take all of the money that you’ve saved and put it into a savings account, you’ll still be paying out the same amount every month but now a huge chunk of it is going towards your Christmas fund.

Look For Deals Early

Prices are going to shoot up as you start getting closer to Christmas. When demand increases, it’s only natural that the price will too. Looking for deals on Christmas presents now, before everybody else starts their shopping, is a great way to save money. The earlier you start, the cheaper it’ll be, and you can avoid all of the crowds as well.

DIY Decorations

Decorations are a Christmas expense that people often overlook, but they’re still pretty expensive considering most of them are just bits of flimsy plastic. If you make them yourself you can save money and it’s a great family activity to do together. Making a wreath to go on the door is a simple, fun decoration that you can do easily. Get the family together and head outside to find all of the bits and bobs to go on it and then get to making. There are all sorts of great tutorials for DIY Christmas decorations online, so there’s no need to waste money on them.

Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank this year, you just need to be smart about it.

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