Save Your Home From the Sun

Living somewhere sunny can be great for your health. It lifts your mood, ensures you get plenty of vitamin D, and helps you get outside and exercise. It's not necessarily so good for your home, though. The effects of the sun's strong rays can cause damage to your home both inside and out, so you need to be careful. If you don't take steps to protect your home, the sun could do anything from cause colours to fade or things to warp to even starting fires. Here's what you should do to protect your home from the sun.

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Use UV-resistant Paint

Using the right type of paint can make a huge difference if you want to protect your home. UV-resistant paint helps to block the sun's rays so that it can't have an effect on your home. You can use UV-resistant paint on the exterior of your home, as well as other places that you want to protect from the sun. Usually, rather than buying a coloured paint with UV protection, you will be looking at buying a clear topcoat to add to your exterior paint. It can protect the paint you've already applied to the exterior of your home or perhaps the siding if you choose to have that.

Install New Windows

People don't often think about putting new windows in their home, unless one of them breaks. But, as John McCarter Construction says, new windows could offer better UV protection for your home. You can get new windows designed to filter UV light, which will help to protect not just the interior of your home but you too. It's important to be aware that without extra UV protection, you could still be affected by the sun if you're sitting inside. You can also get a UV film that you can apply to your windows to make the UV protection better.

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Get Sun Shades or Shutters

Instead of new windows, you can also control the light that comes into your home with various window dressings. Shades, shutters, blinds or curtains can all help you to control the amount of sunlight allowed into your home. They can also look great, so they're a good option if you're decorating your home. You could have anything from wooden shutters on the exterior of your home to roller blinds inside. Some offer extra UV protection, and you can also control how much light comes in with products like venetian blinds.

Move Your Furniture

Your furniture, particularly fabric or plastic furniture, can become damaged if it gets too much sunshine. If the sun is particularly strong, and perhaps magnified in some way, it could even get burnt or set on fire. One way to protect your furniture is to move it around now and then so it's never in the sun for too long. You can also avoid putting it in direct sunlight if you want to prevent fading and ensure your home is safe.

Take steps to protect your home from the sun and you won't have to pay to fix any damage. Keep your home looking good by taking good care of it.

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