The Popular Design Trends Which Devalue A Home!

Homeowners are unique yet have one thing in common. The trait which runs throughout all property owners’ blood is the desire to make money. Whether it’s a family home or a “flipper,” the owners want to make as much dough as possible. To do that, you may try and implement popular and stylish design trends. Great idea because a modern property is worth a lot more than a dull, dilapidated home. However, before you unsheathe the paintbrushes, you should be aware of the trends which have the opposite effect.

These are the interior design styles that devalue a property.

Garish Colours

Winter is over, spring is here and summer is on the way. It’s a great time to be an Aussie, especially as the northern hemisphere freezes over! But, don’t let your enthusiasm for the inevitable warm weather cloud your judgement. Yes, bright, light hues are perfect for the summertime, but some are less appealing than others. Any painting company worth their salt should agree that bold colours are very risky. They may work, but they may not if the scheme is too gaudy and ostentatious. Typically, it’s best to stick with neutral shades of white and cream.

Greenhouse-Like Conservatory

Ah, nothing beats sitting in a cold conservatory and getting out of the scorching heat. Unfortunately, lots of annexes don’t fit the bill because the conservatory acts like a greenhouse. Rather than let the hot air out and the cold air in, a den traps the heat. As soon as you walk in, it’s like walking off a plane in an exotic country. Of course, the last thing homeowners want is a house which is a massive sweatbox and will think twice. As a result, you may have to lower the value of the property to encourage buyers to make an offer.

Oversized Fixtures & Fittings

Many homes have large furniture and equipment because the owners want to create a focal point. Yes, it’s dominating and catches the eye, but it also takes up a lot of space. Buyers tend not to care about rooms such as the living room as they like it cosy and comfy. However, the bathroom and kitchen are different matters as people need space to cook and do their thing. So, gigantic kitchen tops and a massive tub may look the part, but it could turn out to be wildly impractical. Use the Goldilocks method and opt for fittings which are just the right size.

High-Tech Software

Is your house a homage to Steve Jobs? Do you have the latest gadgets and gizmos? If so, you may want to remove them before putting the property on the market. They may seem cool to you, yet potential buyers see them as a hindrance. Firstly, there’s a chance they may never use the software. In that case, they don’t to pay for features they find pointless. Secondly, there is the issue of overheads. Gadgets use electricity, and electricity costs money. The more the house has, the higher the energy bills are likely to be.

Be careful before making a change because it could have the opposite effect!

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