These Style Templates Can Turn Your Home into a Wonderland

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Creating a fairytale home that lives up to all your wildest dreams of design, style, and comfort, is a bit of a job. It’s not the kind of thing that happens overnight, but it is the kind of thing you can make progress on every day, so that you find yourself constantly moving towards a more aesthetic and pleasing home.

One of the best and easiest ways of ensuring that you are able to achieve this is to have a style template for your home. Not only does this allow for consistency in your decorating, it also makes it easier to find examples in magazines and blogs to orient your vision towards.

It also cuts down the decision making process somewhat, as you know exactly what features to focus on.

Here are three home-design templates that can help you to create a magical living space for yourself.

Antique, old-world

An antique, old-world theme is one of the most consistently enduring design aesthetics going, with many people longing for the sense of stability and history that comes with period architecture, design, and so on.

By all accounts, this is the reason behind the popularity of smash-hit period dramas such as Downton Abbey.

To capture an antique, old-world style, keep your eye on antique auctions, shops and markets. Traditional Dutch time pieces, rugs, solid wood cabinets, chandelier style lighting, and stone and wood floors are all classic features you can implement to capture this style, as are regency style sofas and oil paintings.

The aim with this template is to capture the vibe of the European aristocracy of yesteryear, and to make sure that any dinner guests who turn up feel like they’re about to get caught up in the plot of Pride and Prejudice.

Modern, minimalist

If there’s an opposite to the antique, old-world style, it’d have to be the modern, minimalist aesthetic typified by Swedish furniture catalogues and Scandinavian noir crime series’ like The Killing.

Metallic finishes, un-ornamented wood in whites and blacks, plastic, white-lights, glass, and polished stone are your best friends in achieving this style. Whereas the antique, old-world template is largely about flowery ornamentation and the sense of living in a place with “history”, the modern aesthetic is all about capturing the sensations of open spaces, simplicity, and cleanliness.

Proper storage space is a must in pulling off this style. Craftily hidden boxes and wardrobes are the way forward. Your aim here should be to leave as many clean, empty spaces as possible, to accentuate the shiny furnishings.

Natural, rustic

A natural, rustic style is all about capturing something of the forests and fields; a sense that you might be living in a log cabin on the edge of undisturbed wilderness. This style is especially suited for small homes in rural settings.

Unsurprisingly, simply wood furniture and log-features are a must for pulling off this style, and fireplaces score extra points.

Ornamentation should be kept quite simple, traditional, and wild. Prints of natural scenes, pinecone arrangements, and animal-skin rugs are all great options.

If you do happen to live in a rural environment, large windows can also be a great way of “letting in” the landscape around you and helping you to feel more immersed in it.

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