Time To Improve The Feng Shui Of Your Living Room

We’re approaching summer at the speed of light (read: the speed of earth’s rotations), which means now is the perfect time to look at your living rooms and think, “hmmmm, how can I improve the feng shui here to create a space that is light airy, gorgeous and practical?” After all, that is what will create a strong and happy energy in your home.

Luckily for you, we have pulled together a list of essential feng shui decorating tips that will most definitely help you get started.

1. Wave Ba-Bye To Clutter
Having a living space that is free from unnecessary clutter is pretty much the bedrock for good feng shui. This really can’t be stressed enough. Clutter and feng shui just don’t get on. Your living room is not big enough for the two of them. Coexisting in harmony is impossible. So, first things first, keep a clean and clutter-free living room. It is just one of those things that will make you more comfortable in your home.

2. Let Natural Light In
Natural light is another founding member of good feng shui energy. The good news is, you don’t need to get the sledgehammer out and knock a hole in your wall. Even if you only have one smallish window in your living room, decorating with mirrors is a great way to improve the natural light in your home.

3. Practical & Beautiful
This is another key thing to take on board when creating a warm, relaxing and inviting space. It is finding that balance between beauty and practicality. A great example of this is having a beautiful wood burner, which not only offers a lovely natural focal point but has a purpose. So go to UltimateFires now and take advantage of the end of season sales going on. It isn’t just stuff, though. Designing a room that’s pretty at the expense of practicality is bad for feng shui. If you’re constantly worried about kids messing up your space, the feng shui will be wrong.

4. Colors Matter Big Time
The first three points are the pillars of feng shui success. Now comes the specifics and that means the colours. The reason this is so important is the colours you choose become an “expression of light” and thus a huge mood influencer. This is something you need to embrace in all of your decor, which is where this article will be of huge help. It’s not something we can just brush over lightly.

5. Know About Bagua
This is basically a quick way of saying the feng shui energy map of your space. So, when it comes to working out where everything in your living room should go, it is super-important you understand the bagua of your living room. Once you know how your home slots into this map you will find it much easier to redecorate as you’ll know which shapes, colours and materials will offer you the best energy.

6. Balance Is A Must

Shapes and colours are crucial. We’ve covered that. However, to go too far one way won’t work. An all pink area to max out your love energy will be too overwhelming in the same way an all blue area will not produce good feng shui in your career space. You need a subtle cocktail of colours in order to create good feng shui.

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