Give Your Home A Fresh Touch For 2018

After this festive season ends, the new year is upon us. That means plenty of excitement for our new and fresh outlook of the world. It also means that changes are likely to take effect. The whole idea behind new years is that we have identified the way we’d like to proceed after assessing room for improvement in the year gone by.

The best way to get into the ‘habit changing’ mindset is to switch up your environment. For example, experts concerned with employee efficiency will often switch up the desk and office space layout on occasion, to keep employees feeling fresh and engaged in their surroundings.

Why should your home be any different? Giving your home a fresh touch for 2018 could be just the ticket you need for your new lease of life.

External Painting

Changing the color of your house directly impacts how you view it. It could be that you’re not even interested in a change of appearance, just sprucing up the paintwork to make the house seem renewed and rejuvenated. This could be motivated by an interest in selling your property, or simply improving your homemaking pride.

It could be that you’re looking to distinguish your home among the drab aesthetic of your neighbours by painting roof tiles or the front door in a bold color. Colors truly affect our emotions, and can say a lot about your property before someone even enters it. This can be a great (and cost-effective!) method of switching up your home aesthetic, so it’s always best to start here if appropriate.


Carpets last for a few years, maybe even five to a decade, but they must eventually be replaced. If you have purchased your property with carpets that have been installed for some time, it might be time to change. The floor is often something we keep in our subconscious minds when it comes to home interior decoration, but it’s amazing how much an improved footing can change the aesthetic of your room.

Switching from carpet to laminate flooring in your bathrooms can make the room much more hygienic and easier to clean. The reverse of this can make a bedroom much more comfortable and inviting, especially when you no longer need to step on cold winter floorboards with your bare feet! Spanning the room is a great place to start, so consider your flooring before all else.

Kitchen Woodwork

Could your kitchen units be in need of an upgrade? Shelves can often undergo revarnishing, ideally when they’ve been storing cold, dry, heavy produce for years. Your kitchen table might need another lick of paint or a re-varnish, especially if your children have drawn on or punctured the wood. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and so improving its standing will truly give you the new feeling of rejuvenation you truly need. Sitting around the dinner table after a long day with your family will surely be a much more fresh and beautiful experience.

With these simple tips, your home is sure to look fresher for 2018. These cheap tidbits of advice should be manageable in 2018, even after the hefty financial cost of the festive months!

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