The Best Way to Move Furniture Interstate:

You Pack Removals should be your choice when you need the easiest and cheapest way to move furniture interstate. Whether you need to move a few pieces or an entire household, we offer the most efficient way to move furniture interstate. We are committed to getting your items there safely and reliably at an affordable price. Our excellent customer service is the best in the self-packing industry. Why hire a full-service removalist and pay full-service prices?


Self-packing removals mean you retain control of your packing and belongings until you hand them over to us for safe transport. It also means a more affordable removals process. 

Here's how it works: 

-- We deliver a clean, high-quality container to your site (home or office). 

-- You load your packed items and furniture at your convenience. 

-- We collect the container and transport your belongings safely and reliably to your new home. 

The self-packing method is a simple process that allows us to keep prices low while providing excellent customer service.


Traditional removalists charge by weight while self-pack removalists charge by the linear foot of a container. Self-packing removals offer the most straightforward, reasonable removals method because it allows for more accurate pricing. There's no guessing or estimating the weight of your shipment. We charge according to the size of the container you use. (We'll even sell you the container if you want!) 

We offer several sizes and can help you determine which best suits your needs. The more efficiently You pack and load your belongings, the less space you use. You don't have to worry about the weight of your belongings or the added weight of packing materials. It's much easier to accurately estimate space needs than the weight of items you need to ship. 


There are two significant advantages to packing your items yourself: 

1) You can save significantly on the labor costs typically associated with full-service removalists; 

2) You have full control over packing. 


Removalists who provide professional packing services have to charge clients enough to cover their overhead costs of retaining packers, including insurance costs. By using You Pack, you save significantly by doing the packing yourself. We save on those overhead labor costs and pass along those savings to you.


By doing your own packing, you exercise full control over the how and when of your packing. There's no need to rely on a removalist's availability and packers handling your items in a rush to get to their next customer. When you self-pack, you can take as much or as little time as you want packing your items. You also decide how to pack them and how to label them, so you know just where to find your belongings in your new home. Then, at your convenience, you will load your belongings into your container placed conveniently for you outside your home. 

If you would rather have some help with packing and are willing to pay more, we can provide recommendations of some reputable packers. You can still work with us to oversee the safe delivery of the container to your home and shipping to your destination. 


We offer clean and high-quality shipping containers in two sizes: 20' & 40'. 

The 20' container is our most popular size and holds 38 cubic meters of items. 

The 40' container is ideally suited for larger shipments or homes with five or more bedrooms or a smaller home with a car, boat, or trailer. 

Again, we are happy to offer some guidance on which container might best suit the size of your shipment.

You Pack also offers the added advantage of personalized containers - there is no need to share a container or transport as is often the case with traditional removalists. Your container is for your belongings alone throughout the entire removals process and the journey. That means once you're loaded up, we will pick up your container and transport your items to your destination. There is no need to wait to share a transport lorry with another household. You Pack offers a personalized container and transport system for your convenience. 

You can ring our offices to discuss the best-sized container for your needs. You can rest assured that one of our expert transport drivers will deliver your items safely at your destination. Most shipments will arrive within a few days. 


As we have stated, one of the great advantages of making an interstate move with You Pack is the opportunity to pack your belongings how you want and when you want. But, we make the experience even easier by offering clients a wide assortment online of professional-quality packing materials - from boxes to blankets, furniture covers, and many other items.You can easily purchase all of your materials with a few simple clicks from the convenience of your home or office. Your packing materials will be shipped directly to you. We even offer free, easy estimates online if you'd like to know the costs of the material before purchasing them.


Once again, your customer experience matters to us, and we want to ensure a smooth, stress-free removal. When you are ready, we can deliver your shipping container to the location of your choice and place it conveniently and unobtrusively to facilitate easier loading and unloading. It's as simple as that!


When you're not ready or able to receive your container and goods we can take care of your storage needs! We have 21 storage depots throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth, for your added convenience and flexibility at an affordable rate. Contact our offices to further discuss available storage and our reasonable rates. 


If you are looking for the best way to move furniture interstate, you can find it at You Pack Australia. We can save you money while you retain control over your packing and load. You can start now by getting an instant quote online:, reserve online, or ring our offices at 1300 882 112 with any questions you might have. We believe in creating a pleasant removals process and journey for our clients. Call us now to schedule your container or ask us any questions.

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