Eco-friendly Ways To Utilise Your Roof

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For many of us, our roof provides the basic function of keeping the rain out. However, there are lots of other ways that you could be making use of your roof. In fact, your roof could be used to make your home greener, saving you money on energy whilst also saving the planet. Here are just seven ways that modern homeowners are making eco-friendly use of their roof.


25% of heat in our homes is lost through an uninsulated roof. There are lots of ways to add insulation – many choose to add insulation to the interior of their loft. This could include a material such as fibreglass wool or a spray-on material. Insulation can be pricey, but you’ll make up costs in the long run by having to turn on the heating less often.

Cool roofing

For houses in warmer climates, cool roofing may be a better option. This is made of a special material that reflects sunlight, stop heat from being absorbed. This allow the home to stay cooler in hot weather without having to turn on a fan or switch on the air conditioning.

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Install solar panels

Solar panels can allow you to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. The roof is the most popular place to install them. With enough solar panels you may never have to pay an electricity bill again, generating all your electricity from the sun. Whilst fairly expensive to install, the cost of solar panels has dropped massively in the last decade. Solar panels can become faulty, but solar repair services exist and are generally inexpensive (many solar panels now come with a warranty). Solar energy can even be used for electric heating.

Install a home wind turbine

If you don’t live in a particularly sunny region, you might still be able to make use of the weather to generate electricity. Wind power can be very effective and there are plenty of home wind turbines on the market that are best installed on roofs. These are a little more expensive than solar panels and produce less electricity but are well suited for homes in windy areas.

Harvest rainwater

Rainwater running off your roof can be collected into rain barrels and harvested for gardening purposes. This can save the amount of money you spend on your water bill each month. Rainwater can even be used for home uses in which water doesn’t need to be drinkable such as toilet flushing, laundry and even hot water for heating purposes.

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Add a skylight

Skylights are windows in the roof. They can be an affordable method of lighting up a room during the day. They can also provide heat into a room when the sun is out. Skylights are great for lighting up poky rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, although there must be a roof directly over the top.

Grow vegetation

If you’ve got a flat roof, you could consider using it as a terrace garden. It could even be used as a private allotment for planting fruit and vegetables helping you to save money by growing your own organic produce.

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