5 Fashion And Beauty Trends To Embrace This Year

This time of year is an exciting time for fashion and beauty lovers. With Fashion Week about to kick off in some of the world’s most sartorial cities, you can expect some fantastic trends to emerge. To help put you ahead of the curve and make sure your style is on point, take a look at this round-up of fashion and beauty trends to embrace this year.

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1. The return of wide-leg pants

For years, the dominating trend for pants has always been on the skinny side. If you’re fed up of having your legs constricted, then you’ll be glad to know that wide-leg pants are back this year. The new wide-legs are embracing 70s style high waistlines and a colour palette that is going to make having several pairs a style essential. Wear with fitted tops and embellished jackets for a look that works well for both daytime and evening.

2. Statement jewellery

Jewellery has been on the more minimal side in recent years, but this year there’s a strong focus on statement jewellery. From bold earrings to the return of body piercings, you’ll find some fantastic styles around that will be sure to dress up your outfit. See what styles are available at your favourite body jewellery shop to get an idea of the current trends. Who knows, you might even feel inspired to get some additional piercings to show off some of this year’s amazing pieces.

3. Makeup that actually matches your skin tone

Last year, music superstar Rihanna launched her own line of makeup, Fenty Beauty. While you may be wondering what’s so special about a celebrity launching a makeup line, it’s actually been one of the most talked-about brands of the last few months. Fenty Beauty is leading the way in providing makeup for every skin tone, and it’s something that other makeup brands are looking at to keep up. Whatever your skin tone, it’s a great time for beauty, with more and more products being launched in a range of colours to help everyone highlight their natural beauty.

4. Classic denim

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If you thought mom jeans were popular last year, you haven’t seen anything yet. Just like the skinny pants trend looks like it’s starting to disappear, denim styles are switching up to embrace vintage vibes that look great with modern colours and tailoring. If you’re worried that you can’t pull off the trend, take a closer look at how to wear mom jeans to give you an idea of how to make them work for you.

5. All about the lashes

Eyelashes are going to be the focus for many beauty trends this year, with many brands already launching revolutionary products (like Benefit’s BadGal Bang!) that are promising to make lashes thicker, longer, curlier than ever before. False lashes will continue to be seen all over catwalks and red carpets, with a focus on creating natural looks rather than dramatic styles.

Get some more great ideas on the latest trends from the Fashion category, with plenty of great beauty tutorials you’ll want to try to help finish off your new on-trend look.

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