The meaning of the home has always stayed the same since human beings stopped being a roaming species and became settlers. It's a place of safety, warmth, shelter and a personal space for you to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. The physical design of the home has gone through many changes, from initially small huts to now large expansive homes. Despite the interior of one’s home bathed in modernity, all may not be well. We may have evolved to live in different ways but creatures we share the planet with haven’t. Your home is drenched in billions and billions of bacteria. Some of them are harmful but mostly don’t cause an issue. You’re also never more than a meter away from an insect or critter of some sort, no matter what part of the home you’re in. Here’s how to tackle the living creatures you don’t want to share your home with.

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Spawners of irritation

If you have young children in the home, this little bug is something that you must look out for more than if you did not. Dust mites are incredibly irritable creatures that live in almost every inch of your home. They feed off your dead skin cells that body has shed. They specifically visit your bedroom and set up camp when they have a good food source. This usually ends up being the floor, the bed itself and your clothes. What happens is, the dust mites eat your skin cells, then excrete the waste all over the house. The excrement leads to severe skin irritation that can lead to eczema, as well as entering the respiratory system to cause asthma. If you don’t regularly vacuum the problem will exacerbate. Make sure you’re changing your bed sheets fortnightly, and even vacuum the mattress for good measure.

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Through the cracks

The kitchen is like heaven for this next critter. The heat and moisture of meals being cooked and condensing steam results in the crevices of the kitchen becoming warm and damp hovels. Cockroaches can find their way into your home and build a next inside these nooks and crannies. We’ve all heard the stories about them, they breed rapidly and soon start to takeover the home. If you spot the signs of cockroach eggs, and perhaps even spot them crawling around, it's time to call in the experts. A company like AllPest deals with all types of critters using multiple methods. They come to a survey the situation, measure the impact the infestation has had, then summarise what needs to be done. You’ll be given lots of options so your life can continue on like normal while they are handling the situation. You can, of course, make a simple online query to get started. You can also upload pictures of the concern you have which makes it easier to understand the current status of the infestation.

You’re never really going to be alone when you’re inside your home. You do share your property with critters and bacteria whether you like it or not. But when they begin to affect your life and your loved ones, that’s when they step over the line. They are at times an invisible occupying force, but with the right methods you can clean and rid your home of such pests.

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