A Millennial Mum’s Guide To Juggling Parenthood With Business

The days of families surviving on one income while the other parent takes care of the home and parenting duties are, for the majority, a thing of the past. As such, finding a balance between parenting and career goals is one of the most difficult challenges facing any modern mum. It may seem difficult, but it is possible.

Try implementing at least some of these tricks into your life, and you should have a far better shot at discovering that winning formula.

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Find A Job Or Business That Suits Parenting

While a successful career is an important ambition, you mustn’t forget that being a mum defines you. There is a slight catch 22 situation as you essentially work to provide for the family. Nonetheless, you cannot afford to let your work get in the way of spending time your loved ones. Finding a more practical job puts you in a far stronger position.

When starting a small company of your own, choosing one in which you can actively spend time with your young kids can be hugely beneficial. This is one of many reasons to consider a childcare business, not least due to the fact it'll still suit your needs when the kids start their school lives. Another option is to become a teacher as you’ll get the school holidays off.

Working with kids isn’t for everyone, but you should at least look to find a job that still allows you to be a mum. If possible, finding one with less travel and fewer weekend hours should be on the agenda.

Build A Suitable Home Office Space

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, the ability to work from home is a blessing that puts you in far greater control in all aspects of your life. Even if you only get to take advantage of this opportunity once a week, it’ll make a huge difference to your world. But you will need a suitable home office space to make it happen.

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Turning a guest room into a home office can transform your life by boosting the work-life balance. Crucially, it could also increase the value of your home by a five-figure sum. Furthermore, that added sense of organisation can only have a positive influence on other commitments.

Or, if you don’t have enough space for a designated office, you should at least get a decent laptop stand so that you can work from the sofa or dining table. With paperless technology, even a perceived lack of space needn’t be a major issue.

Find Financial Stability

Very few people, including non-parents, enjoy spending so many hours at work. Even if you love your job, dedicating 50 or 60 hours of your week to those activities can feel very draining. Sadly, this will limit your ability to enjoy time with the family too. Unfortunately, the need for money means that many of us don’t have a choice. Or do we?

Earning more money per hour (or growing your business faster) may put you in a position to cut your hours slightly. Meanwhile, you should consider using coupons and price-comparisons to reduce your monthly expense. This helps remove the pressure to earn quite so much at work.

Finding better savings accounts or choosing smart investments can increase your personal wealth. This goes a long way to reducing the strain at work. While money isn’t the most important thing in this world, having more of it will enhance your opportunities greatly.

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Create More Time

Spending time together is the foundation of happy family relationships, but it can be one of the hardest things to achieve. In addition to juggling parenthood with a career, you need to think about keeping the home in great condition. Unfortunately, this is one issue that can harm any hopes of creating family time.

While a good spring clean gives you a solid foundation for keeping things in the right condition, you must follow it in the right fashion. Technology can be very helpful in this regard. Cooking meals in a slow cooker, investing in a dishwasher and using automated features can work wonders. In many cases, you’ll save money as well as time.

Other ideas can include quitting the gym in favour of home workouts or running on the street. Any life adjustment that ultimately allows you to have more time with loved ones can only be a step in the right direction.

Take Care Of Yourself

The kids will always be your priority, and maintaining their health and happiness is paramount. However, you cannot possibly achieve this if you’re not in great condition too. Above all else, you need healthy energy levels to get through your work commitments without being too tired to create family memories.

Healthy eating and regular exercise should be at the heart of those endeavours. It’s often possible to combine this with family time by cooking with the kids or playing sporting events as a group. Perhaps more importantly, you need to encourage better sleep patterns. Aside from the physical health benefits, this step will often offer huge benefits to your appearance.

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A mum that looks after herself is far more likely to look after her family in style. Besides, your partner and kids will soon spot any signs that you’ve let your health and energy slide. This will inevitably reduce their happiness as well as yours.

The Final Word

Parenting and a successful career are best achieved when the two items go hand in hand. There are many factors to consider. Yet, it can ultimately be attributed to establishing control and balance in all aspects of your world. This can cover taking care of your mind, body, and finances.

Arguably the most crucial element, though, is to gain a little perspective. Making a few sacrifices here and there may be necessary to maximise your parenting success, and that includes new career choices. Still, if it can unlock greater happiness for the whole family, you could not ask for anything more.

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