: Creating the Perfect Summer Bedroom


It is not only our wardrobes that need changing with the seasons; it is our homes too. During the winter, your bedroom needs to be as warm and as cosy as possible. But when summer arrives, this sort of bedroom is going to be way too hot and stuffy, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and finding it impossible to relax. Of course, this does not mean you need to embark on a massive redecoration project every six months. However, you do need to make a few changes that will make sure your bedroom is summer-ready. Here are some suggestions to help you get started…

Change your colour palette – What colours do you have going on in your room at the moment? If you have not gone for neutral and pastel shades, then your room isn’t going to feel serene and tranquil during the summer months. It is always good to keep the environment as light as possible. If you go for dark colours, the room will retain too much heat and you will feel hemmed in. Instead, you need to keep things as welcoming and open as possible. This does not mean that your room needs to be boring, or that you need to stick with white or magnolia. There are plenty of light yet stunning shades that are bursting with personality, from rose pink to mint green.

Ditch the heavy curtains – During the winter months, it is likely that you have heavy curtains in your bedroom so that you can keep as much heat in the room as possible. However, once the weather changes, it is important to opt for lighter fabrics in your bedroom, and curtains most definitely come into this category. Invest in some made to measure curtains in a light fabric so that you can keep everything as airy as possible.

Invest in some plants for your bedroom – The importance of having plants inside your house should never be overlooked. More and more people are recognising the benefits of houseplants. Not only do they look great, but they create a more comfortable environment too because they improve airflow. This is something that is especially beneficial during the warmer, summer months, when your bedroom can feel like there is no air circulating around there at all!

Take some weight off your bed – During the winter, we like to cover our beds with blankets, throws, and scatter cushions. Throughout the summer, these items can simply become an annoyance. Scale things down on the bed front in preparation for summer. You will also need to switch your duvet from a winter duvet to a summer one. This means going for a lower tog. Somewhere around the 4.5 mark is ideal.

Bring in some fresh and summery smells – When changing the mood and feel in any room in the house, you need to focus on more than just what you can see and what you can feel. You need to engage all senses. After all, the things we smell and the music we listen to have an impact on how we feel too. Because of this, you should look for ways to bring fresh, relaxing, and summery smells into your bedroom. Mandarin is a great choice, and it does not cost a lot to buy a few oil diffusers or scented candles.

Get rid of clutter – There is nothing relaxing about clutter at the best of times, but it can become even more frustrating during the summer when all you want is a bit of space. Now is the perfect time to get rid of all of the clutter in your bedroom. Ask yourself; do I really need this? Don’t hold onto something on the off chance that it could become useful one day. Moreover, if something does not have a place, then it has got to go. And, by place, this does not mean a random corner in your bedroom. Once you have got rid of all of the clutter in your room, you should operate the one in, one out approach. This means that whenever you buy something new for your bedroom, you have to get rid of something else to accommodate it.

Let there be light – Last but not least, you should never underestimate the importance of your lighting choices. They play a much bigger role than you may realise. This is especially the case if your bedroom is an awkward shape and does not have big windows. The last thing you want to do is be sleeping in a dark and dull room throughout the summer. So, firstly, you need to let as much natural light into your bedroom as possible. This does not mean that you have to go knocking down walls to put new windows in, although skylights are the perfect solution. A well-placed mirror could make all of the difference. Light will bounce off the reflective surface and back into your bedroom, making it look bigger and more welcoming. Aside from this, do not merely rely on one harsh overhead to power your entire room; make sure you use a variety of lights.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for creating the perfect summer bedroom. It does not require a lot of effort, but changing the colour palette in your room and addressing matters like your duvet and your curtains can make a massive difference. The result will be an airy and fresh room that will enable you to be comfortable and relaxed throughout the summer months.

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