Uninspired By Your House? Time To Give It The "Showhome" Treatment

If you’ve ever walked around a showhome before then you’ve probably been enchanted by the contemporary style, spacious rooms, and glitzy centrepieces that are all designed to woo you and reel you in. Of course, a real-life household isn’t like a showhome. It’s full of clutter, broken things, and (often) faded or outdated design pieces. Still, your house likely has personality and sentimentality attached to it. That’s something you can’t say for a lifeless showhome that has yet to become a place of memories for a loving family. But it would be nice to combine the design aspects of a shiny new showhome with the character of a “lived in” family home. Let’s talk about how you can give your uninspiring house the “showhome” treatment.

Create a minimal design.
Minimalism is a timeless trend because the goal is to simply make your home more spacious, and that’s something everybody wants. Whether you live in a huge mansion or you prefer the intimacy of a small cottage, nobody wants to feel cramped in their own home. That’s why minimalism works so well. It’s practical and pleasing to the eye. For starters, you should declutter your house from top to bottom. Get rid of belongings that you don’t want or need anymore; many of us are guilty of hoarding a growing collection of possessions. You’ll find that your home feels much bigger once you let go of the clutter you don’t need, and this is the first step towards creating a minimal design.

In terms of the belongings that remain in your house, you should think of smarter ways to use the space in your home so that it doesn’t become cluttered again. For example, you could put up shelving on the walls so that you create additional storage for your belongings. If you leave a lot of crockery lying around on kitchen surfaces then this might give you more storage space for those utensils. Additionally, you need to get creative with the space you have available in your house. You could convert the space under the stairs into a cosy reading corner for people to enjoy. You could even convert your attic into a games room. There are many ways to extend your home that you probably haven’t considered.

It’s all about the art of illusion.
Continuing on the topic of spaciousness, the art of illusion is crucial to making your home feel big and inviting. Showhomes use this trick all the time, but it’s an important trick; it makes your household feel more comfortable and welcoming. And making your home more inspiring is all about improving your perception of it, at the end of the day. As suggested over at https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/, the simple addition of a large area rug to a room can make it feel much larger. It’s an impressive illusion. Additionally, you should use mirrors to make rooms feel bigger. There are so many ways in which you can alter your perception of your home to create a more comfortable and spacious environment.

Let there be light.
One of the biggest things that ruins the design of any home is a lack of light. You could buy all the contemporary furnishings in the world and rearrange the layout of a room a thousand times, but it won’t look as powerful and well-designed as you imagined if it’s poorly-lit. We’ve discussed the importance of natural light in another post on this site. Perhaps a room lacks light because of poor placement when it comes to the windows. You should use mirrors and reflective surfaces so that the light bounces around and fills up the room. Additionally, you should think about the colors you use for furnishings and wall paint. White is a good option; it’s a neutral color that reflects light and will definitely help to brighten up the space in any room.

Obviously, artificial light is important too. You need to think about making your home look nice once the sun goes down and you can’t rely on daylight to brighten up your household anymore. Think about the type of lighting that each space demands. For example, a kitchen countertop needs bright lighting so that you can see what you’re doing when you prepare a meal. However, bright light will not work if you’re relaxing on a couch in the living room or sitting down to eat at the dining table. You need to choose warmer and softer lighting for places of relaxation. Dimmer switches are great too; you can choose low lighting when you’re settling down with a book or a Netflix show before bed and brighter lighting for a gathering with many guests. As mentioned over at https://freshome.com/, dimmer lighting is essential to creating the right mood in your house. The point is that lighting has a huge impact on the appearance of a room.

Classic design is essential.
It’s important that you know the distinction between classic design and old design. Old design is that outdated wallpaper which looks like it belongs in a house from the 80s rather than a modern-day home. Classic design is a granite countertop or stylish wooden flooring. Classic design doesn’t go out of style, and that’s exactly what your house needs if its aesthetic is looking a little faded and uninspiring. As mentioned over at http://www.homelife.com.au/, vintage design can add some character and luxury to a home. With a lick of paint and a quick clean, a thrift shop purchase can add a bit of elegance to the appearance of a room. Think of the magnificent centrepieces you often see in showhomes, such as a chandelier that makes the living room look extraordinary or a majestic grandfather clock in the hallway. That’s what your home needs. You need a chic aesthetic piece to give your house some character.

Natural design is very classic if you’re looking for a place to start. We’ve already mentioned wooden flooring and granite countertops as perfect examples. These materials give rooms a timeless appearance because they’re natural and don’t belong to any specific era of design or fashion. Nature isn’t bound by manmade style. That’s why you could make simple but powerful improvements to rooms in your home by getting more plants and flowers to spruce up the place. Nature adds some colour to the aesthetic of a room. Whilst showhomes might be quite sparse and minimalistic in appearance, you’re bound to see floral arrangements of some kind in the house (perhaps it’ll be a fake floral arrangement for the sake of maintenance, but the point still stands).

Work on your home’s front exterior.
Of course, glitzy interior design means nothing if your home still looks old and run-down from the outside. You should work on the front exterior if your house if you want to feel inspired by your home again. After all, you wouldn’t feel intrigued to look around a showhome if it looked unimpressive from the curb. You should make sure that your house looks colorful and inviting from the outside. It should have a welcoming and vibrant exterior. Perhaps you could do a little bit of gardening; some potted plants on the windowsills or flowers lining the path that leads to the front door could completely change your perception of your home. You should be inspired by your house’s exterior appearance.

You could repaint or perhaps even replace the front door; the entrance to your home should be vibrant and captivating. You might even want to check out http://www.prestigegaragedoors.com.au/ for modern and high-quality garage doors so that you can spruce up your home’s front face. A brand new aesthetic can really revitalize a tired and worn-out household exterior. It’s all about creating a look that has a powerful impact on your family and any guests who might visit your home. You and your family want to return home every day and find yourselves greeted by a visually impressive sight as you stroll up to your front door. Reinventing your home’s exterior can change your entire perception of the house. After all, first impressions are everything.

Work on your garden.

Once you’ve finished with the exterior of your house from the front, you might want to take a look at the back of the property. How does your garden look? Maybe you mow the lawn frequently to keep the space looking neat and tidy, but it might not necessarily be an exciting patch of land to admire. Yet, your garden should be just as visually stunning as the interior of your household. Your outdoor space is still a part of your home, after all. You should create a cosy patio area to enjoy with your family. Most showhomes have a homely garden space to impress buyers, so you should have one too. You could get a dining table, some cushions for the seats, and a string of fairy lights to really create the right ambience. Give yourself a reason to spend more time in your garden.

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