Worthwhile Investments For Your Summer Garden


Summer is finally on the way (woohoo), and you will finally be able to relax in your garden. You are probably already considering spending money on those worthwhile investments that will make your summer garden complete. So what should you buy? As well as an extra garden gnome or two - can you ever have too many? - we have picked out some other essentials to spend your money on.

1. Lay out some decking

Before you hire a timber firm to install your decking, consider what you are going to use it for. As examples, you may want an entertainment and seating area for your summer socials. You could also use decking as an extension to your garden, with a raised platform for you to enjoy the benefits of your green fingers. It can also be used as a safe playing area for the kids (away from those nasty nettles), or a centrepiece for a garden feature. There are many options, so when you know what you want, get something built to order for the specific purpose you are looking for.

2. Get out of the house and into a summerhouse

A summerhouse is terrific for so many reasons. Not only is it a place for you to take shelter from the hot burning sun, but it also enables you to stay out in your garden environment for longer should the weather take a turn for the worse. Of course, a summerhouse is not just about taking shelter. It can be multi-functional, such as an impromptu play area for the kids; a place of refuge and Zen-like peace when you need to relax, or as an outdoor home office where your garden’s natural beauty can bolster your productivity. Build it accordingly, prepare the space for functionality, and remember the benefits of buying roller blinds online when you are looking for that all-important shading.

3. Activities for fun in the sun

Bring the fun factor into your garden with a range of summer essentials. Examples? A paddling pool is great for cooling off, a water slide provides endless entertainment, and giant garden games are a perfect way to bring the family together. Don’t forget the frisbees, footballs, water bombs, etc. to further wile away your time when you’re out in the garden. Stock up on as much as you can so nobody gets bored. If the sun is shining, you want your kids to be outdoors as much as possible, and not indoors spending their downtime on video games or watching tv for extended periods… and the same applies to you!

4. Chill out and hire a gardener

For all we know, you may have the greenest fingers in the country, so you probably have no need for any extra help. On the other hand, if you want to spend more time chilling out than working this summer, hire a gardener to keep on top of your landscaping. While a professional will give you the best looking garden on your street, you could also employ one of the many people looking for summer work, such as students or teenagers looking to make some extra pocket money. Either way, you can sit in the sun while they sweat it out on your lawn. Just don’t forget to pour them a lemonade occasionally!

Did you agree?

We have given you our ideas, but what about you? What would you consider to be a worthwhile summer investment? Be sure to let us know. Thanks for reading.

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