Decluttering Your Home For a Good


Decluttering our homes can be a big challenge, especially when so many of us are sentimental and keep things for years because they hold special meaning to us. It can be difficult to say goodbye to items in our home but sometimes can need to make space for new things in our lives and make a fresh start.

Before you hire Platinum Furniture Removals and get rid of every item in your house all at once, you can use some of these handy tricks to make your decluttering process much easier, and much more permanent!

One item a day

If you are someone who is incredibly sentimental and you struggle to throw things away, you may need to think about taking a slower approach to your decluttering process. Start off by trying to choose one item every day which you no longer want or need. It will take time but the difference it will eventually make to your home will be a big one.

Fill one bag

If you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands but you still want to clear out some of your things, you can try using the one bag method. Get one trash bag out and focus on one area of your home. Fill it to the top and then stop and carry on with the rest of your day. You can also do this with a charity bag or a box to take to the charity store.

The hanger experiment

If you are a clothing hoarder, you are not alone. Most of us keep clothing for years in case of a rainy day, or if they lose a couple of pounds. However, clothing can build up to a point where you don’t even remember every item you own. To make things easier you can try the hanger experiment. Hang your clothes in the reverse direction, and whenever you wear an item out it back the right way. After six months you will be able to see the clothes you haven’t touched, and these should be thrown away to make space for new items.

Plan your assault on the house

List every room in your home plus every area within each room you need t clear. For example, in the bedroom, you might have the wardrobe, dresser, vanity table and under the bed. Start working your way around the house one area at a time, that way, once an area is clear you can tick it off your list and start the next, and so on until your whole house is cleared and fresh.

One for one

If you have a lot of items in your home which can go to charity, you can experiment with the one for one challenge and make sure that every time you pick an item for the trash, you pick another for charity. This will mean twice as many items are leaving your home and half of them are going to an very good cause.

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