Making Memories Without Blowing a Budget

Making memories for our children is one of the most exciting things about being a parent. We can look back on our own childhood and pinpoint certain holidays, parties, books, and moment that helped shape us as people and we won’t ever forget. And, while all those years ago it seemed that those memories just sort of happened, there was a parent behind almost all of them. Now more than ever there seems to be a pressure to get the biggest, best or the most extravagant of anything. The problem is when it comes down to it; children remember things like the smell of flowers, the sky that day and how they felt.


So instead of looking for the next most significant and most expensive adventure, why not consider something like caravanning with kids?

You might not think that young children and a caravan go hand-in-hand where in reality they make the best of friends. The joy of a caravan park holiday is that you can decide on a Friday morning you’d like to go for a weekend away and by Friday night have arrived at your destination by the sea. While hotels come with perks like breakfast a few floors down or your bed is made for you every day, caravans come with even more perks. You can choose to go out every morning for breakfast or relax and cook your own in the comfort of your own little kitchen.

All caravan parks, whether it is a dedicated holidays park or a camp and caravan park tend to come with security, meaning that you, your children and your belongings are safe. You’re all there for the same reason, so soak up some sun, for the kids to get some free-range time and either some woodland adventures or some sea views.

A holiday park will often come with the following:

Swimming pool

Café / restaurant

Beach close by

Daytime and evening entertainment (usually free or included in some ticket prices)


Safe car park

Onsite maintenance and security

Plus much more.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re probably going to manage a few days in a caravan, spend plenty of time at the beach, walking in the woods, exploring the local area and stay well within your budget with ease. And budget here doesn’t mean ‘low-end’ it just means you’ve managed to snag a bargain and have a brilliant time too.

It is the best of both worlds. You have your own space, and you can cook and make a cup of coffee whenever you like. You can bring along all of the brands that you prefer to use, plus you don’t have to worry too much if you are a bit messy (until it comes to packing time). You’re still on holiday so you can choose to head out for breakfast, lunch or dinner (maybe even all of them), there are plenty of free activities for the kids to get stuck into and you can travel the whole country visiting different caravan sites.

Think back to some of your favourite childhood holiday memories and they’re probably all outdoors and active, and those are the best kind.

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