You've Got A Flooded Garden, Now What!?

Watching your peaceful garden be invaded by swathes of water and drown is hugely disheartening. All that hard work you put in, the endless hours to get your flowerbed just right, the lawn mowed in a way you like and the plants you love, gone. First, you have to come to the conclusion that not much of your toil and tussle is going to be saved. You’ll need to reset and start again. However, that’s not your priority right now. Moving the water out of your garden is going to need quick action before it gets any worse. You obviously will need to call in a professional company to pump the water our, but here’s what you personally can do to speed up the process.

Create an off limits

Do you have a family and or pets? Well, keep them away from the standing water. Since water will coagulate all the soil, insects and bacteria together, you don’t want children or pets to ingest any of the water. Kids and animals are curious and they’ll do all sorts of silly things so get them away from the water. Create an off-limits zone so that no one goes beyond your set perimeter. It's also a good measure to stop them from dragging feet drenched in the slush into your home creating another new clean up headache.

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Stop and bail away

If the water is coming closer or is already inside your home you need to make fast with the bailing. Grab a bucket and start filling it up with the water that is obtrusive to your home such as at the front porch and start shifting it. Take the buckets of water and then sieve out the objects such as clumps of dirt, grass, twigs and stones. Then take the water and pour it down the toilet or a drain at the front of your home or whichever is not flooded.

Time to call

If your local area is not flooded due to riverbanks overflowing, the only other reason is a burst pipe underground your garden. It's now time to call in professionals like who deal with burst pipes flooding. They have some of the best leak detectors so they can surmise where the exact location is without ripping up half your garden first. Pumping the water out safely and quickly with their powered pipes, you can return to your garden repair quickly. They will excavate the drain clearing and then fix the leak by either replacing the section of the pipe or replacing the bolts. One thing to keep in mind is choosing a company that offer competitive prices to keep within your budget.

Clearing drains

Bits and pieces of your garden will a filled the outside drains. These drains are used for dumping the water from your washing machine and dishwashers as well as the sink. Clear all the debris out of those drains so normal flow of water can resume next time you use your kitchen.

The sudden shock of your garden flooding and being overwhelmed by the miniature catastrophe. Priority needs will take over and bailing the water to stop it seeping into your home is the first act. Professionals need to be called in to locate the leak and stop it from wreaking any more havoc. The clear up job is then left up to you.

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