10 Styles That Just Scream Summer


Summer is here at last, and in the last few weeks, we have been treated to some stunning weather and lots of colour. Summer is always a fun time for fashion because we can wear any colour, any print and make the most of flowing designs. If you are looking to revamp your wardrobe for the summer season, here are all of the things you will want to bring into your wardrobe right now.

Cherry print

In the last year or so, cherry print has become one of the most popular prints for clothing of all. It is cute, colourful and cheery, and represents absolutely everything we love about the summer season. If you are looking to bring some cherry into your wardrobe this year you can choose ladies handbags, skirts and dresses which have this print on.

Other than the cherry, we are always stocked up on citrus fruits during the summer months. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing lemon orange and lime on shirts and other items, and they can add a sense of fun and colour to any outfit. If you want to show off your playful side this year, get yourself a fruit-printed shirt and have some fun. You can also get avocados on pretty much every item of clothing imaginable (and they are also a fruit). So enjoy your avocado, citrus and cherry this year to make you feel like a fabulous fruit salad.

Floral print

When you think of spring and summer fashion, one of the first things you will likely think about is floral prints. Floral prints such as small flowers or large daisies scream summer, and they always bring an air of nature and femininity to an outfit. You can buy sundresses with this print or simply stick to a flowing camisole, either way, you will instantly look like a summer princess.


For a more geometric style for your clothing, chevrons are incredibly popular at this time of year and they usually feature a mixture of colours and metallics. Chevron patterned clothes are great because they will make you immediately stand out from the crowd and you will look amazing without having to make too much effort.

Soft pastels

For an easy summer outfit, you simply need to bring the right colours into the mix and make sure that you show off how simple it can be, pastel colours at this time of the year remind us of hot beaches and sipping cocktails, so wearing flowing pastel clothes will always bring an element of summer to your wardrobe.


If you don’t fancy wearing a dress all day because you will be running around and being active, the ideal clothing for you is a cute little playsuit. Playsuits are bright, light and airy meaning that you are instantly able to run around and be active on a hot day and enjoy playing with your family and friends without overheating. A playsuit is something everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Lace and frills… and rips

If you want to make any outfit immediately look ready for a summer party, just throw a little bit of lace and some frills over the top. Summer is a party season and a festive season, and pretty much every man and his dog enjoy wearing lace and frills during this time of the year. You will look festive ready all season and you will be able to stay nice and cool.

Have you ever worn a pair of ripped jeans in front of your family? You will likely have been inundated with offers to sew up your clothes for you to fix the tears. But, aside from your family, everyone loves a good pair of ripped jeans during the summer. They allow air to reach your legs, they make a huge style statement and they are effortlessly casual. If it’s too hot for jeans you can also switch to a pair of shorts, which will look amazing with a plain cami and a cute kimono.

Swing dresses

For those lazy days where you take a small walk and then sit in the beer garden with a drink, there can be no better outfit than a soft swing dress. The beauty of swing dresses is that they are loose and flowing which means that you won’t feel uncomfortable or bloated during the daytime. You can happily sit outside and enjoy your drinks with your friends and stay comfortable all day.

Oversized shirts

For a chic and effortless style, the best possible thing you can wear for a casual summer outfit is an oversized shirt with a pair of rugged shorts. You will be able to tuck one side of the shirt into your shorts and leave the other out for a look which seems as if it has come straight out of a fashion magazine. You will impress everyone who sees you and they will have a huge amount of outfit envy!

Sporty chic

Summer is most people’s favourite time of year to get out and be active. The lovely weather gives the perfect conditions for long walks, sports and runs in the morning. If you want to motivate yourself to do some exercise one of the best things you can do is wear sporty clothes throughout the day. Not only will you constantly be ready for the gym, but you will also be able to show off some really, stunning patterns and styles.

A splash of colour

Summer is all about making the most of colour and personality, and during this time of the year, it is the ideal time for you to bring a huge splash of colour to a simple outfit. Let’s say you are wearing a plain white dress: you can immediately lift your entire outfit and make it pop by adding a splash of orange, pink or red. If your wardrobe seems to mostly consist of black and white, a small splash of colour can really make a plain outfit feel like a summer wonder.

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