4 Things You Need To Know About OTR II

It’s been well documented that Jay ‘Shawn Carter’ Z and Beyonce Knowles have been through their fair share of drama. But, they are back, stronger than ever, with their new “On The Run II” tour. It’s been a hot minute since both titans of music were on the same stage, so it’s fair to say that excitement is at a fever pitch. Cutting through the enthusiasm, though, is necessary if you want to be a member of the lucky few who snags tickets. Competition is fierce, people. With that in mind, below are four things to remember about OTR II, the first being that they’re back, baby!

It Starts Soon

The tour kicks off in a couple of week’s time in Cardiff, Wales according to Variety. June 6th is the official date, which means there isn’t much time to get a ticket. Of course, Britain probably isn’t on the hit list anyway. The UK is amazing, but it’s too far away even to watch Jay and Queen B. Sorry, guys. Still, it’s important to know the tour dates like the back of your hand to give yourself the best chance of getting a ticket. There are 15 dates in Britain before they head across the pond to the US. Those are the confirmed dates for 2018.

But It’s Going Until 2019

Yes, the rumours are that the international tour will grace the southeast of the world, as well as Australia, sometime next year. In fact, that is true because The Ticket Merchant is already selling tickets for Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland. The only sticking point at the moment is the fact that no dates have been confirmed. So, although you can buy them now, it may be awhile before the specific days and times are released. For crazy hip-hop fans, this won’t be an issue because nothing will get in the way.

There’s No Collab

In the past, the two artists have collaborated in spectacular fashion. Beyonce’s titanic solo career is somewhat down to her first single, “Crazy in Love,” featuring her boi. And, that isn’t the only hit in the vault. However, it seems as if both stars will concentrate on adapting their current hits for the tour. Remember that the releases of “4:44” and “Lemonade” were pretty recently. So, this could be a chance for Jay and B to belt out their new bangers surrounded by their loved ones. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to get personal!

You’ve Got One Shot

Not to quote Eminem, but you’ve got one shot, one opportunity to grab everything you ever wanted. Okay, the couple has toured in the past, as recently as 2014. However, that was before the cheating allegations and the birth of their second child. Add to this the fact that they are both insanely private people, and another tour may not come around soon. If it does, it may drop out of the sky like their latest album releases. Now is the best time to witness history.

On a scale of 1 to 99, how excited are you about OTR II?

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