Incorporating a Little Fun Into Your Home Is Child's Play

When we move into any property or decide to focus on our interior design, we tend to spend most of our time mulling over what major pieces of furniture to incorporate into our living space and what white goods will give us the best bang for our buck. Needless to say, while this is all necessary, it’s inevitably a bit dull. But once you’ve got the basics handled, why not let your hair down a little and start spending some time focusing on incorporating a little fun into your home. Now, there are various things that we generally associate with children or teens and that adults tuck to the back of their mind until they have little ones to provide for themselves. But this is a crying shame! After all, there are a few fun home additions that adults can indulge in too! So, if you’re up for a spot of fun, here are a couple of nostalgic items that you can stylishly fit into your home design, that will keep a smile on your face day in and day out!

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Bean Bags

Now, there are certain childhood items of furniture that are best buried and never brought back up again in adulthood. Let’s take blow up sofas and seats as a prime example. Sure, they were a great novelty when we were young. But they’re not exactly an item you’d want to have hanging around your home nowadays. Not only do they look tacky, but they’re hardly the most functional of items - deflating and popping at any given moment. But there is one form of furniture that most of us had in childhood that could definitely make a comeback - the humble bean bag. Now, beanbags are great and you don’t necessarily have to have them in the bold and wacky colours and prints that you might have had in days gone by. There are much more neutral tones on the market nowadays. Not only are they easy to pull about the house (meaning you can transfer them from one room to another easily), but they’re extremely comfortable. Once you’re used to sitting in one, a regular sofa just won’t do anymore! You can even incorporate them into your outdoor space with outdoor floating bean bags. Not only will they prevent you from getting grass stains on your favourite clothes, but they’re a much more comfortable alternative to the hard ground. If you do invest in bean bags, remember to maintain them responsibly. The beads may need topping up over time, as they will inevitably compress with regular use. But they’re easy to come by and refilling is an extremely simply process!

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A Trampoline

We can all probably recall the longing for a trampoline that we had in younger years. No matter how we initially came into contact with them - whether through physical education classes at school or bouncing on one at a friend’s house - we yearned to have one of these playthings in our own backyards. Not only would this allow us the opportunity to bounce about and have a laugh, but it would provide reliable entertainment during playtime with our siblings, extended family, and friends. However, trampolining isn’t just for kids! Believe it or not, adults can have a good go at it too. There’s little that beats the thrill of the wind running through your hair as you fire up into the sky and plummet back down repeatedly. What’s more? It can actually prove to be good for you as well as fun. While most of us spend our time avoiding physical exercise, trampolining is a simple exercise where you will find yourself laughing through the workout. It won’t feel like a chore at all! So, what benefits are to be had from it? First off, it’s a low impact form of cardiovascular fitness. You can gain a similar workout to running or jogging without having to worry so much about the impact that the exercise will have on your joints. It also greatly improves your balance and coordination as you get used to how landing at different angles changes your projection and direction. You might be a little wobbly with your first few jumps, but you’ll soon grow used to it. Down the line, you can even start incorporating a few different jumps, flips, and rolls.

Alternative Lighting

Chances are that you had a night light of sorts when you were younger. These are a great way to soothe yourself once the sun has set and the day’s natural light has come to a close. Now, most of us replace fun night lights with standardised lamps, which are designed to give you a small boost of light when needs be. While they won’t completely flood your room with light, they are likely to give a nice glow to the space that is sufficient to help you get by in your home without bumping into things and knocking things over. Now, there are seemingly endless varieties available on the market, and you should consider getting more than one. However, why settle for something completely normal when the world of lighting is your oyster? There are so many alternative items out there. From lava lamps to glitter lamps and even oil wheels which will splash psychedelic light prints across your walls, soothing you with the slowly moving motions and ambient colours. Sure, you might not want these in every room. You may not even want them as your go-to source of light in any room. But they’re a fun novelty to pull out as and when you please.

While it’s extremely tempting to stick to the norm and lead a beige life at home, you really can benefit from straying from the beaten track from time to time. So, be adventurous and daring and incorporate some of the above items into your interior design. Not only will they add a little fun to your home and your lifestyle, but they’ll encourage you to let your hair down and comfortably relax too!


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