Practicing Pest Control With a Conscience

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At some point or another, every homeowner is bound to experience pest within or around their property. This can be irritating and problematic to say the least. After all, unwanted animal presence can cause damage to your land or property, and you can experience other consequences, such as animal faeces being left around your home. However, it’s important to remember that a lot of the time, many animals have no other choice but to stray onto your territory. As the human population is constantly expanding and we are requiring more and more land to suit our own needs, it’s important to remember that we are imposing ourselves on other creatures’ natural habitats. When we construct houses, commercial properties, schools, and other institutions, we are building on land that was inevitably occupied by another creature until we turned up. So, it’s important that we learn to live side by side with these creatures and are considerate of their needs as well as our own. The animals that we label “pests” tend to actually just be the creatures that have adapted to living amongst humans the most effectively - they are creatures who haven’t fled from our communities, but have learnt to live amongst us. So, how do we strike the right balance between maintaining our personal space and ensuring that we are not enacting animal cruelty? Well, read on to find out!

Tackling Hugely Problematic Animals

Most creatures at most cause a “nuisance”. They do things we don’t agree with but they’re not actively causing us injury or damage. However, there are certain creatures which will literally eat you out of house and home given the opportunity. Take termites as an example. While these are sentient creatures, flying termites swarming won’t move on from your property of their own free will, as they have a fairly consistent supply of food - your walls, your furniture, your floors, your beams… the list goes on.So, you need to act sooner rather than later and take preventative measures to encourage them to move on from your property.

Removing Food Sources

Wild animals tend to actively avoid people. So what brings them to our very homes? Well, as we encroach on animals’ natural habitats, the food chain is affected and they may not be able to source as much food in the wild as they used to. Instead, they are likely to turn to readily available food within your property. So, make sure everything is put away and carefully sealed. If they can’t access the food, they’ll take their search elsewhere. Consider options such as securely sealed bins, feeding your own pets indoors rather than outdoors, and keeping bird seed in your home until it is used rather than leaving sacks of seed in sheds or out in the open.

While wild creatures can be an undesirable addition to your property, most of the time all you need to do is understand their motives in order to remove them from your property. If you remove the source that brings them to your home, they’ll quickly turn elsewhere.

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