The 3 Things that Make the Most Difference at any Party

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When you are hosting a party, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the things that you suddenly need to do. How can you be confident that your party will be a success? What are the things that will boost it from average to awesome without costing the world?

Well, the trick is in realising that while parties might have different themes and be celebrating different occasions, they almost always come down to the same 3 things. These are the success criteria you need to boost your party and have a great time.

You would never have a party without music - right? But what kind of music should you go for? A live band can be a fun way to bring a different atmosphere but you need to make sure that you like their style and it is appropriate for your event.

A better option in many cases is to hire a DJ. Contrary to popular opinion, not all DJs are cringe-worthy on the microphone and many are quite happy to take a list of suggested tracks from you to get a feel for the sort of stuff that will get you on your feet. Like this idea? You can find more details here.

Whether you are hosting a party in your home or you have hired a venue, decorations are the best way to establish a theme - even if that is just a combination of colours. Bunting is an easy win and all you need to do is string some around the ceiling to get into instant party mode.

Other ideas are all still in the realm of obvious but are no less effective. Everyone loves a balloon, streamers add instant fun and other inflatables can bring a theme to life. Cardboard cutouts and accessories are also a great idea if you are planning to set up a sort of photobooth for your guests.

Even if you are just doing a drinks party for grownups, adding a couple of snacks into the mix is a good idea. Cheese and crackers are a great way to introduce food on the cheap without sacrificing the tone of the evening but things like crisps and popcorn are also fun and easy to serve in large bowls.

If you are planning a kids party, the food is absolutely essential as this will give you half an hours respite from all the running around and screaming! Little sandwiches, sausage rolls and fairy cakes will all go down great and will, quite frankly, work at most events. Aim to keep all foods on the smaller side so that people can nibble or fill up a plate as they choose.

Party planning should be just as much fun as the party itself and with a party checklist, you can be sure that you haven’t missed a trick. This is your time to shine as a host but it is also a chance to get exactly what you want!

Go wild! Enjoy yourself!

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