The Perfect Party Planning Checklist

Planning a party for your kids takes times, creativity, budgeting, and the ability to be organised. Not all of us possess these skills. While most of us can arrange a small get together of friends and family with minimal effort, arranging something for 10+ children and their corresponding adults isn’t such a snap. It helps to have a checklist to guide you from the planning stages till the clear up. Well, consider this your lucky day because we have just that for you.

Start these things early:

Pick a date and a time. Try and check through the calendar, so that is doesn’t clash with any other events, birthday’s, major holidays or festivals. You want to maximise the people that can attend.

Where? Take a look at a few locations or decide to have it at home. It’s up to you but book it early and pop a deposit down too.

70’s or Princesses? It doesn’t matter what the theme is if you give people enough notice they will be able to make the most and go all out too.

Create a menu, and think about food intolerances and allergies. It might be worth putting together two separate menus – one free from and one standard. Avoiding nuts is probably just for the best. Consider a catering company if this seems like a lot to deal with.

How much? Set a budget, stick to it as much as you can.

Who? Who will be helping you on the day of the party? You can ask a friend or two if there are a lot of people or children attending.

Now you have the basic bones of your party, it is time to start putting the details down. There is a fine line between giving people too much notice and not enough notice. With too much notice, people are likely to add it to the calendar and not see it again till a reminder shows up a week before, with too little notice people can feel like an afterthought. So these things should be taken care of one month earlier.

Vendors: Who are you hiring and what will they be taking care of? Hire a trusted jumping castle company for your entertainment, someone to take care of the music (unless you’re just going to handle it yourself, the food and decorations too. If you booked a while ago, call them again to double check they have the right dates and times, and make sure you have taken care of the financials.

Invitations: Send them out now. A nice touch is to make them yourself, or you can commission some from somewhere like Etsy. If it’s a children’s party, and you aren’t inviting the whole class, discreetly hand your invitations out so that you don’t upset other children.

Venue: Usually you will have to clear the balance one month before your event, so give them a call and pay the remained for the balance. Take the opportunity to run through any details too.

You are heading into the home straight now, so in the last two weeks before your party, you can take care of some of the other details. Everything should be paid for by now, so it’s just the fun stuff left.

Go and have another look at your venue.

Check that you have all of the decorations you need or have booked a company to take care of them. If you are a bit light, get that sorted asap.

Think about travel. Make sure that people have sorted out how they are getting to the venue and help out where you can. Just by sending a Google maps link, you can help people make some early decisions. Make sure you have given reasonably detailed instructions for parking too, as this can cause a lot of stress upon arrival.

Final call: If you haven’t had some of the RSVPs back then pop a call or an email over, and it’s a great time to call in with any vendors and give instructions for anything.

It’s the final countdown. You have a week to go, and if you followed the rest of the checklist everything would be under control, and all you will have to deal with is those pesky last minute RSVPs (there are always some) and enjoying yourself. Well, almost.

Music. It doesn’t if you have hired a DJ or you are doing it yourself, carve out some time to dedicate to getting a top playlist together. You can use iTunes or Spotify to gather new releases, or work with the DJ on what the be the type of music is.

On the day:

Get some help setting up & on the clean-up.

Make sure people eat and drink. Half of hosting is making sure people are well taken care of, so ensure you are eating and drinking too.

And you’re done! Print this checklist off to help you on your way to party perfection.

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