Back' to Basics: Simple Ways to Look After Your Back

Most of us take our back health for granted, it’s only when something goes wrong that we can appreciate just how important it is. There’s nothing worse than pain when sitting, standing or moving, a bad back can hinder activity and generally make your life a misery. If your back is hurting or you just want to prevent back pain, here are a few things to bear in mind.


Improve your posture

Most of us have sedentary jobs, we spend our days sat in front of a computer working away for forty hours a week in most cases. If you’re not sitting correctly, that’s forty hours where you’re putting pressure on your spine and back muscles and making yourself uncomfortable. At work you should be sat in a chair that provides proper pelvic and lumbar support, if yours doesn't speak to your manager or ask if you can bring your own chair in. In the car and at home, use lumbar pillows when sitting to support you in the right position. If you know you’re guilty of slouching when walking or standing then make a conscious effort to correct your posture, you could invest in a brace that goes around your back and shoulders and keeps you in the correct position.

Upgrade your mattress

Mattresses degrade over time, and most of us will notice a ‘dip’ in the bed where most of our weight is distributed eventually. When this happens, your back is no longer in line and it can put serious pressure points in the hip, neck and shoulders. If you’re noticing an aching back especially if it’s worse in the morning your bed could be to blame. You can get good deals on mattresses if you look in the right place, you can view more here. Make it a habit to replace it every seven years which is the recommended time mattresses should be kept.


Exercise has so many benefits for both physical and mental health, if you needed yet another good reason to get active then a healthier back is just one of them. Strong core and back muscles keep your pelvis in line, preventing it from tipping forward and pulling the muscles in your back. Any exercise you enjoy will help with this, you could hit the gym, go swimming, drag out your bicycle or go hiking with your dog. Anything that’s getting you feeling worn out and slightly aching the next day is great and means you’re constantly getting better.

Speak to a professional

Most of us experience back problems at one time or another. Often it’s a result of a minor injury and will feel better once its healed. However, ongoing problems will require you to need medical advice. You could have a slipped disk or a trapped nerve. Your spine could be out of alignment, in this case a chiropractor could help. Either way, don’t just suffer with it as you could be making it worse. Speak to a professional to find out the cause, and what you need to do to resolve it.

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