Make Your Wedding Memorable - Choose A Theme!

If you have a wedding to organise you will know how much planning is involved. There are so many aspects to planning a wedding that you really need to be organised way ahead of the event. Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life and you could make it even more memorable for all the right reasons by adopting a theme. This will help tie together all the planning, as you will be following a theme and will keep your guests talking for years to come! The wackier the theme the better, you could go for a theme which is unusually traditional such as Victorian, or Hollywood glamour!

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Whichever theme you choose, you will want to buy wedding rings and jewelry that reflect the importance of the day. Excellent quality jewelry should last a lifetime if jewellery care is given the importance it deserves. Regular cleaning by a professional should ensure the rings remain sparkling for years to come.

If you are still trying to decide on a theme for your wedding, read on for inspiration.


A vintage theme is perfect for a wedding as bygone era’s conjure up visions of tradition and romance. The nations love of everything vintage continues to grow. You could create your wedding as if from a scene in Downton Abbey or just add a few vintage touches here and there.

Decide on a particular period in time and research weddings from that era. The Victorians incorporated lots of poetry into their courtship and weddings, they were formal, but incredibly romantic with invitations and venues festooned with roses and lace. You could consider writing your other half a poem to be read out during the ceremony - how romantic!


Having your wedding on a beach or with a beach theme throws up so many options. Perhaps you would like to jet off to sunnier climes with your loved one and a few close guests or perhaps you live close to a beach and want to theme the wedding around it. If you choose to go long haul it’s worth remembering that the travel logistics for your guests may be tricky, meaning that a few key people may not be able to attend. On the other hand if your closest friends and family can make the journey the wedding will be lovely and intimate.

There is a lot of flexibility around what the dress code can be for a beach wedding. If you are travelling long haul check local laws and customs as to what is appropriate. Your dress can be as formal and ornate as you like, but footwear should be casual or why not go barefoot!

Tropical flowers and seashells that sparkle and shine, would be lovely decor theme for a tropical destination, along with bright colours. A more traditional seaside resort calls for nautical elements such as striped bunting, rock, candy floss and deckchairs. Buckets and spades would make great gifts for the guests, perhaps filled with rock and sweets. You could also hire an ice cream van and hotdog vendor to add to the effect. Dinner could be fish and chips complete with a newspaper wrapping! The possibilities are endless and you can have great fun deciding.

All the fun of the fair!

Incorporating the fun of the fair into your wedding will certainly be memorable. If you and your partner have fond memories of dates at the fair or you love the thrill and excitement, why not bring it to your special day? The photos would be amazing and everyone is guaranteed to have fun!

Choosing your venue will be your main issue. It may be possible to find a theme park which offers wedding facilities, but a better option would be to hire fairground attractions at a venue of your choice. You will need a large amount of space and you will need to ensure all regulations and insurances are in place for health and safety reasons. Don’t forget the finishing touches of traditional fairground food, balloons and entertainers if your budget will stretch to it.

There are so many more themes which you could consider. A popular choice is medieval - think Game Of Thrones! Disney is popular as well as James Bond and Hollywood. Whatever you choose, with lots of research and planning your wedding is likely to be remembered for years to come. You never know, your wedding may be featured on the pages of “Hello” magazine in the future!

Have an amazing day!

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