Things To Know Before You Extend Your Home

A home extension can be a great addition to your home, helping to add space and value as well as change the appearance of your home. Home extensions often become necessary when you expand your family or want to increase the size of your home without having to move away from the house that you love.

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While home extensions can provide an incredible end result, they require a lot of planning and hard work to get right. Take a look at some things to know before you extend your home to make sure it’s the right choice for you.
Be prepared to have to stay elsewhere for a while

Home extensions are a large project, and can seriously disrupt your home. This will likely mean that you’ll need to stay somewhere else while the work is being carried out. If you’ve got friends or relatives nearby that you can stay with, then great, otherwise you might need to consider your options more carefully before diving straight in.
Hire designers that know what they’re doing

Choosing the right designer can make all the difference to your end result, so make sure that you choose carefully. Professional drafting services for home extensions will produce the best plans for your home, as well as obtain the necessary permits. Be clear in your brief about what you want to achieve from your home extension to ensure you get exactly what you want. Sometimes, hiring the most affordable option isn’t necessarily the best one - so keep an eye out for those with good testimonials or word of mouth recommendations over price.
Get the right insurance

Having the right insurance in place before you begin your renovations is something many people forget. Many insurers won’t cover your home if you’re changing its structure, so you’ll need to get some site insurance to cover the period of the work.
Be prepared to pay the price

The price of home extensions varies according to the size of your home and the scale of your project. When hiring your design company, make sure you get an accurate total cost to help you budget and plan accordingly. Ensure your finances are in order so that you can cover the extra cost as needed, and don’t get started with plans that you can’t afford to continue should something go wrong.
Consider the demands on the rest of your home

It’s possible that an extension can put a strain on other elements of your home, such as your heating and water system and your electricity. Consider what resources your extension will need and seek expert advice as to whether or not your existing system can cope. If not, you might need to consider investing in a new boiler or upgrade your electricity to keep your home in good working order.

Home extensions are the perfect way to make the most out of your existing home. However, if you’re having doubts or want to wait some time before committing, you might want to look at other home improvement options instead. Take a look at some simple ways to give your home a facelift to help you improve your home while you decide if an extension is the right move for you.

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