4 Things Every Luxury Home Buyer Wants

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There are certain synonyms attached to the word luxury living, especially when the context is a luxury home. But while most people conjure up gorgeous thoughts of a well-appointed home, those in the market for a luxury abode are looking for moments that make them pinch themselves; moments that will make them feel utterly spoiled and ridiculously comfortable. They want to be shrouded in the same opulence as royalty and the same extravagance as a Hollywood icon.

Yes, the cliched luxuries still go a long way to make the hairs on the back of their neck salute - luxuries like heated pools, secret saunas, basement gyms, backyard tennis courts, cinema rooms et al. But these don’t always translate into the luxury moments a homebuyer is looking for when shopping for a luxury home.

With that in mind, these are the must-have items that luxury home buyers want more than anything else according to those experts in the luxury design game:

1. Smart Houses

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that today’s big spending home buyers want it all when it comes to technology. They want to be catered to on this ever-wowing tech-trend. They want homes that can be controlled at the touch of a screen. From locking their doors to controlling their home’s climate to adjusting the lights and being all over the alarm system. That’s the dream.

2. Fully-Loaded Kitchens

Nowhere feels more like home than a kitchen. It’s the beating heart of every abode, no matter how big or small. But if there is one that makes opulent living ring true it’s a fully-loaded kitchen - something magnificent in every sense. Every million-buck home needs a commercial-grade kitchen that would put a boutique hotel’s to shame. Wine fridges and warming drawers, restaurant-quality appliances, secret storage compartments, and a walk-in store room. All of it.

3. Going Up In Life

When it comes to living a life of total luxury, nothing is more important than making convenience look astonishing, which is why a growing number of luxury home buyers are looking for an elevator company to come in and add a more convenient way to get around their huge abodes. But that’s not all because less and less people are content with pressing a button in an overly-lit box with no views, which is why they are looking for homes that have external lifts that boast views like no other. It’s extravagant, but that’s what luxury is.

4. Superlative Storage Space

When it comes to a bedroom of total luxury, there is one thing powerful people want more than anything and that’s a dedicated dressing room; a place for them to place to store and show their most extravagant purchases, whether that be suits or shoes, purses or watches. Of course, that’s not the only reason. The other is space. Bedrooms are meant to be places of sanctuary, so having a dedicated room for all that clutter to be perfectly organized is a must. It’s the best way to start a day.

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