50 Shades Of Grey In the Bedroom? (It’s Not What You Think!)

Grey, it can be a divisive colour, especially in the bedroom. Some folks see it as dull and drab, while others like how it can make a room serene and help them to pull off an on-trend look. Luckily, if you are considering going grey in your bedroom space, you’ll find some advice on how to make it work no matter what, below.

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Lighting and feel of the room

The first thing to consider is what ambiance and effect you are looking to create in your bedroom. The reason this is vital is that it will actually determine the type and shade of grey that you use. After all, there are warm greys that can create a more comfortable and cosy atmosphere, while cooler shades of grey are better for a sleek look.

The key thing here to look for is the amount of light in the room, natural or artificial and combine this with the right pairing of grey shades on the walls and in the soft furnishings. For example, if you have a bright room that you are looking to tone down then warmer shade may be best. While if you have a darker room that you want to seem lighter and more open, a cooler tone can help you achieve this.

Of course, if you get stuck, there is usually a paint specialist on hand in the DIY store. They can help you work your way through the samples and even mix a custom shade if you can't find the right one.

Bed and Bedding

Of course, it not just the walls and their colouring that you need to think about, but also how you will integrate the rest of the colours and tone that you are to use in your room.

In particular, it can be effective to choose, instead of a wooden bed frame or a divan, a fabric covered bed frame that is finished in a slightly darker grey than the shades used on the walls. Then you can find a company that offers mattress free delivery to complete your sleep area and top with bedding of your choice. Something that you also need to consider carefully if this type of room.

In fact, those looking for a cooler feel may wish to go for pure white bedding to contrast the grey wall and bed frame. Something you can then match the curtains to as well. Although, if you are looking for a more boho vibe than a patterned duvet and pillow cover set with geometric shapes can also work brilliantly.

Many of the geometric design in the video include grey and so would work perfectly in a grey toned bedroom.


When using grey to decorate your bedroom, you need to be particularly careful of the flooring material and colour that you use. After all, a bright carpet is likely to look jarring. Instead, opt for a neutral hardwood or laminate floor.

For a cooler toned room, go for something stained or painted in grey or white, or even very light ash. Alternatively, for a warmed tones room, an oak floor can add a richness that compliments the rest of your grey shades well.

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