Back to School: How to Get Your Kids Into a Routine


e weather may be going towards fall but it’s not that easy for families to transition from holiday mood to weekday mood. Particularly not when you have children - suddenly you’re supposed to go from lazily hanging around the house with your friends to a structured and rigid routine.

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It may be nice to get back to school and see all those friends again, but settling into a proper routine is a whole other story.

Luckily, there are a few way to make the whole ordeal a bit easier for families. Start by making use of the handy tips below, and you might actually find yourself with energized and awake school children around the breakfast table.

First: Start gradually

What a lot of parents do wrong is that they don’t understand just how important it is to start early. When school is due to start in half a week, it’s already a bit late to ease them into going to bed earlier and waking up at the crack of dawn - they need to do this gradually.

By spending the last half of your holiday month on saying goodnight a little bit earlier than the day before, they’ll hardly notice that their routines are shifting. By the time they have to wake up for school for real, they’ll be much more rested than if they slept until 10 the day before.

Starting gradually is the key to easing your kids into a steady school routine so don’t skimp on this one.

Next: Create a calm bedtime mood

Every parent knows just how dreadful it can be to make kids go to bed. Some may be easier to convince than others, but they all have their tantrums - and you don’t want to deal with this the night before school starts.

By emphasising a calm bedtime routine, you need to follow through with this for yourself as well. Make sure that the lights are dimmed and that the mood is quiet before you’re off to bed. Start to do this as soon as dinner is over and you might find that they’re quite sleepy by the time you tell them to go to bed.

Get them excited about school

Another way to motivate them to get into their routine is to make them a bit excited about going back to school. Most children look forward to seeing their classmates and teachers again so this shouldn’t be too hard to do; just shop for some fun school stationery, get them a new backpack for the school year, and talk about the interesting subjects they’re going to have.

They will only be excited about school for a few more years, in any way, so you might as well take advantage of this in order to make them settle into their weekday routine.

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