Clearing Out Your House Before Christmas


If you fancy having a clearout of the home before the festive season comes along, there are lots of things you will want to think about. You’ll want to make space for Christmas decorations, find a space for the tree to go and also think about clearing out your closet and belongings in time to receive Christmas gifts. Here are just a few ways to make sure the home is clear and clean ready for Christmas.

Declutter the shelves

The first thing you will be able to do is concentrate on your shelves and all of the items you have on display there. A lot of the time we can become carried away with ornaments on the shelf and this can lead our shelves to end up looking overcrowded and messy. You can use cheap bin hire and get rid of anything you no longer like or anything which doesn’t hold sentimental meaning to you anymore.

Get rid of furniture

Furniture is something we often forget about when clearing out the house, but it is large furnishings which take up the most room and have the biggest impact on a space. For example if you have too many tables in the living room it might be a good idea to get rid of one or two, or you could even get rid of them all and swap them out for a new, larger piece. Go with the flow and do what feels right for the home. Don’t worry about wasting a good piece of furniture because you can always give it away or sell it.

Think usefulness

When you look around the room does everything in here have a specific purpose which it fulfills? For example in your living room you might have a TV stand to hold all of your electrical devices, a sofa to sit on, a coffee table, a bookcase to hold books and DVDs and a few other things. Does everything have a purpose and is it useful? If you are short on space it won’t be a good idea to simply have something in the room because it looks nice.


If you want to clear out your home but you are also looking to share in that early Christmas spirit with the local community, a good idea would be to donate your old items to a charity shop. This could be anything from old books and DVDs, chairs and tables, clothes, ornaments and even artwork. Anything which is in working order could be greatly needed by a charity to raise money so it is always worth having a look into it. If you can decide one one shop to donate to, donate to a few different ones.

Clear up and rearrange

Once you have gotten rid of anything you no longer want or need in your house it is time to rearrange the home ready for party season. Make sure you have enough space to decorate when it comes to it and keep the home minimal for a while until the festive season rolls around. This way, when you do decorate it will make a bigger impact on the home and put you in a much more festive mood.

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