Rest, Rejuvenate And Respite: Designing A Relaxing Life In Your Home


The fact is we all need a bit more relaxation in our lives. If you’re looking to reduce your stress, where better to begin than the place that you see more than anywhere else? Not your working environment (although that might be the real place you spend most of your time), but your home. Because your home environment needs to be everything, it's a momentous undertaking. It needs to relax, rejuvenate, but also provide that respite from the stresses of the world. Are there any simple ways to create a restful atmosphere in the home, but also ensure that it spills over into your everyday life?

Create A Rejuvenating Atmosphere

It's easier said than done, but creating a rejuvenating atmosphere all depends on what your opinion is of a relaxing home environment. This can spill over into many different aspects of home and interior design. But when it comes to creating some sort of rejuvenating atmosphere, more often than not, creating that cozy sensation is the key. And how long do you do this? There are some simple ways, such as by adding more cozy materials, like rugs, or throws onto the couch, but also, you can alter your living spaces to ensure that they embody what you need. This could be from specific relaxing items, like a gas fireplace installation, or just a log burner, and from there, you start adding layers. This includes lighting and colour.

Make The Most Of Your Senses

Never underestimate what your senses can do to lull you into a sense of relaxation. After all, once you get the smell of home-cooked food, or the right scent hits your nose, you immediately feel that tingle down your spine. The goal is to make every aspect of your home generate that reaction in you. You can do this by having scented candles, but also think about the other senses, maybe relaxing music is something to help calm you down after a stressful day. But also, remember, the most important sense of all is sight. So to make your frame of mind more positive, and therefore relaxing, think about the colour schemes you would benefit from. You should also consider decluttering the home. Yes, you may think there is “no time”, but you may feel an incredible weight lifted as soon as you put some order to your home.

Make Some Priorities In Your Life

To design a relaxing life, you need to think about the priorities. Are you working more than you are relaxing, for example? To make sense of the priorities in your life, you need to undertake an internal spring clean. Decide what is important to you, because there may be things that aren't as important as you believe, and once you've got a true understanding of what is essential to you, the unimportant stuff can be thrown away (literal or figurative).

To design a relaxing life, the interiors need to work with the internal aspects of your attitudes and perceptions. This might sound grandiose, but put simply, if you want a relaxing life you have to start with the home and work your way outwards.

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