Remodelling Ideas For An Easier To Clean Home


Another day, another round of household chores. From trying to vacuum dog hairs out of the carpet to dealing with the mounting piles of clutter around the house, there is always much to do. There are times when you probably think having a clean and tidy home is a pipe dream, especially when you add pets and kids into the equation.

However, all is not lost. You don't have to spend all of your valuable time engaged in housework (unless you get a kick out of doing it). There are at least two options open to you.

The first is to consider our home-cleaning hacks, which you will find here, With various shortcuts available to you, one of which you will find in our next option too, you can save time on your weekly chores.

The second option is to remodel your home. You don't need to blow your budget, but if you were thinking about making any changes anytime soon, you may as well as remodel with your cleaning chores in mind. And on that note, let's have a look at a few ideas that you may find useful.

Remodelling ideas for an easier to clean home

Replace your flooring with something that is easier to clean. While you may miss the feel of carpeting under your feet (although you can still put down a rug or two), you might want to consider something that won't attract as many dog hairs, and something that you will have less trouble removing nasty stains from. Polished concrete is proving increasingly popular, as it is both easy to clean and looks amazing too. Check out the some of the options here, . Alternatively, you might also consider laminate tiling, vinyl flooring, or something hardwood, such as oak, walnut or bamboo. There are loads of options, so work out your budget, and find something that suits your home.


Reupholster your sofas and chairs with something that is pet and child-friendly. Leather, vinyl, and microfiber materials are much easier to clean than their suede alternatives. No matter how many drinks are spilled, and no matter how many hairs your pooch leaves behind, they can be easily cleaned up in no time. If you don't know the first thing about reupholstering a sofa. this guide will get you started.

Add more storage options. While you could buy a few more baskets and boxes for the clutter that populates your home, these storage options can also add to the 'stuff' you have in your house, unless you have a way to arrange them neatly. If you are going to remodel your home, you may as well install more cupboards into your property instead. Adding these extra storage spaces to any room that is going to accumulate more mess, such as your living room or child's bedroom, will make dealing with any clutter easier.

Use easier to clean paint. When it comes to painting any rooms in your home, there are some paint types that are easier to clean than others. To help you choose, take a look at this guide,, with a range of paint ideas for different rooms in your house. From sticky fingerprints to food stains, you can make short work of any of them provided you coat your walls with the appropriate paint type.

Replace your countertops. If you struggle to clean food and liquid stains from your countertops in your kitchen, then you should invest in some new countertops. From engineered stone to recycled glass, the low-maintenance countertops that are displayed here,, are both attractive to look at and yes, easy to clean. Those ingrained juice and coffee stains will finally become a thing of the past with these maintenance-free solutions.


Install new windows. Some window types are easier to clean than others. Especially those placed on the top floor of your home, you may not want to risk life and limb climbing a ladder to give them a good clean. Thankfully, there are window types for all areas in your home that will make cleaning them a cinch. Check out this article, for more information. And while we're on the subject of windows, consider self-cleaning glass. With a special coating applied by the manufacturer, you won't have to get the bucket and sponge out ever again. Speak to your local window supplier for more information.


Sick and tired of your household chores? Despite the extra mess created when remodelling your home, you will still have a much cleaner house in the long term. So, if you were thinking about giving your home a makeover any time soon, consider our ideas to beat your housework blues.


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