Sprucing Up Your Garden For Summer

The temperatures are finally getting warmer and you can practically smell the barbecues already - summer is on its way. It’s the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy that Australian sunshine, but is your garden ready for it? Now is the perfect time to tackle some essential garden maintenance to make sure you’re all set for the season ahead. Read to get started? Here are some top tips for sprucing up your garden for summer.

Image Credit: Pxhere under Creative Commons
Start with a clear out

It’s surprising how quickly your garden can become a dumping ground when it’s not being used every day. If you notice that there’s clutter that shouldn’t be there or things are looking less than pristine, it’s time to tackle it. Get rid of any rubbish or debris that might have landed in your backyard and get rid of any times that are looking past their best. A quick declutter will instantly give your garden a boost ready for you to tackle the rest of your garden maintenance. You’ll also want to have a good de-weeding session to make sure all your soil is ready for any flowers or plants you might want to add this year.
Give your lawn some TLC

Your lawn can suffer in the heat, and even a mild winter can leave your lawn looking less than fresh by the time summer arrives. If your lawn needs some TLC, start looking to remedy the damage and focus on nourishing your lawn. If you don’t have time to water and maintain your lawn yourself, Garden-R could help. Having someone to take care of your garden while you’re at work means you’ll always come home to a beautiful garden that you can relax and enjoy during the summer months.
Try a garden makeover

Gardens have become big news in the world of home decor, so if you want to upgrade your garden to have a more modern look, now is the perfect opportunity. From trying clever garden lighting ideas to upgrading your garden furniture, it’s easy to give your garden a contemporary upgrade.

If you want your kids to make the most of the garden too, there are some great child-friendly garden ideas that can make your garden a fun place for them to hang out, while also being appealing to the adults in the house too!
Fix your fencing

If your fencing has been a bit neglected during the winter, you might want to give a little spruce. Check your fencing thoroughly for any holes or gaps that could help any unwanted visitors end up in your yard. Snakes and rodents can fit through the smallest gaps, so check for any signs of damage carefully. With a lick of paint and essential maintenance, you can soon get your garden fence looking great again.

Your garden should be somewhere you can enjoy and make the most of the sunshine, so getting started on any essential garden maintenance will make sure you’re good to go for summer. How will you spruce up your garden? Please share your top tips!

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